August 12, 2009

Hanburger Petition For Nomination To The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

For years, one Redskin has been overlooked by the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee.

That man is none other than 'Skins LB Chris Hanburger.

Picked to nine pro bowls in 14 seasons, Hanburger is one the true Burgundy and Gold greats.

My buddy JW Nix from Bleacher Report wrote this article asking for NFL fans everywhere to sign a petition asking that Hanburger be considered for admittance into Canton.

Nix knows old-time football like none other, so you'd better believe he has the right idea by trying to get Hanburger into the Hall.

I'm asking you to help him out by signing the petition here.


1 comment:

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

thanks Jack

I REALLY appreciate you spreading the word to your readers

all Skins and NFL fans need to help

his 9 Pro Bowls heads the Redskins list, and we know how great a list that is