August 15, 2009

Jessica Simpson, Colt Brennan and Jerome Bettis

Jessica Simpson and Colt Brennan have supposedly hit it off.

Simpson received tickets to the Redskins' week one game at the Giants and a Redskins jersey from Brennan in the past month.

This is bad pub for the 'Skins. Tony Romo was the laughingstock of the division because of his relationship with Simpson. Now the tables could be turned all because Brennan couldn't find another blonde celebrity (I mean, they come a dime a dozen).

And with everyone making fun of the NATINALS jersey misspelling, here's another one in the DC area. Ladell Betts's jersey read BETTIS in last night's game against the Ravens.

Believe me, he was anything but the Bus last night.

I'd say it's time for some good news around here.

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