August 18, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits

Yesterday, Deangelo Hall lined up at WR for one drill. Jim Zorn downplayed it, saying it was all in fun.

With his speed, I'm all for sneaking Hall into a formation and taking a shot down the field. A little trickery...

I'm keeping track of the CBS Sportsline Rapid Reports. Redskins correspondent, Ed Sheahin, has done a great job reporting some of the little things with his one-liners. Here's a few from him from today's practices.

"The OL and DL went one-on-one in a pass block/rush drill. DT Albert Haynesworth knocked OL Derrick Dockery into the air three yards back on a bull-rush during the drill."

"In the same one-on-one linemen drill, LB/DE Brian Orakpo beat OL Chris Samuels on two consecutive plays. Samuels finally stuffed Orakpo on the third attempt."

"Rookie CB Kevin Barnes had his best practice of camp thus far. Barnes, who has played tentatively in camp to this point, jumped a curl route and picked off the pass. Later in the 11-on-11 scrimmage, he picked off QB Jason Campbell on his first pass attempt."

Not good to hear about Samuels. I haven't heard a lot of good stuff regarding him so far. It sounds like he's getting beat a ton.

Barnes will get that 4th CB spot if he keeps it up and Justin Tryon can't adjust to live game action.

Mike Williams has lost even more weight. 111 pounds to be exact. That's more than my sister weighs.

Clinton Portis will be suiting up this weekend against the Steelers. That a good move. The offense can't afford to look as bad as it did last year in a week one regular season loss to the Giants. They need to get a little rhythm going so they will have a prayer against that Giants front four.

And finally, Brett Favre is back, this time with the Vikings.

Favre wanted to be in Minnesota so he could exact some revenge upon the Packers. However, he didn't want to be back until after training camp because he's lazy.

Only Brett Favre could want this special treatment and then actually get it. Along with $12 million.

It's sickening to me that the Vikings would take him simply on principle. The guy hamstrung your team the whole offseason an then basically "held out" of training camp and then gets rewarded with a huge payday.

I hope Minnesota goes 5-11. It's all they deserve.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

I hope Favre is true to form and tosses a INT with the season on the line

Jack said...

Yeah, needless to say I'm not much of a Favre fan right now lol.