August 19, 2009

Tuesday Evening Quick Hits: Campbell Sharp

Ed Sheahin reported that JC went 10-10 in a full speed, 11-on-11 scrimmage.

Excellent news. Campbell needs to tighten up his game for the coming weeks. It's just preseason, but he has the Patriots after the Steelers, and then the Giants to open up the regular season.

Campbell likely won't play much in the preseason finale vs. the Jaguars so he'll need to impress the next two weeks against two of the better defenses coming into the season.

Coming off the brutal Ravens' game, things don't get easier. I do not want to see a repeat of last year's opener against the G-Men so Campbell better step it up.

Brian Orakpo and JD Skolnitsky became the second pair of rookies to be tied up to the goalposts. Dan Steinberg has the skinny on that here.

Chris Wilson hasn't been getting rave reviews on his transition from DE to LB. But he is putting in the effort.

Wilson has been struggling in coverage, but he is a good pass rusher. It will be interesting to see which backup LBs stay on.

I expect HB Blades to stick around. The rookies, Henson and Glenn, should be on the practice squad at least (I predict Henson makes the final roster, not sure about Glenn). Fincher looked poor at LB last week, but he is a good special-teamer.

The other two don't have much of a prayer in Darrel Young and Robert Thomas.

Matt Terl got a hold of JC for his take on Brett Favre's return.

I like the last question regarding the mentality of Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosefels. I feel like the Favre signing is a slap in the face to them much like the 'Skins pooh-poohed Campbell this offseason.

However, I don't blame the 'Skins for going after Cutler. They tried to make a move in the heart of the offseason. The Vikings are changing the whole team's mentality in camp.

Anyway, I would bet that question definitely hit close to home for Campbell.

Here's another from Terl on today's practice. He mentions that Deangelo Hall, Santana, and Antwaan Randle El were all returning punts.

We have too many good punt returners to just hand the job to Randle El again. That would be incredibly poor coaching. Putting Randle El out there means leaving a bunch of yards on the field and a big swing in field position.

That's it for today...More to come.

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