August 14, 2009

Winners And Losers For Redskins Tonight


1. Malcolm Kelly: He made a nice grab and didn't drop anything.

2. Antwaan Randle El: Just one catch, but Devin Thomas did turn any heads, meaning Randle El could keep his starting job by default. Hopefully that changes, however.

3. Brian Orakpo: He put pressure on the QB all night and looks to be the relentless pass rusher the 'Skins have long sought.

4. Deangelo Hall: Nice pass defense inside the red zone.

5. Hunter Smith: DC! We have a punter! (45.2 yards per punt)

6. Jeremy Jarmon: This guy appears ahead of the learning curve. He's only been around a month and he rushes the passer well. He also knocked down a swing pass.


1. Justin Tryon: He was burned to left, right and center. Rough game for this supposedly improved player.

2. Marcus Mason: Just 6 carries for 12 yards. He needs to make the most of his attempts if he wants to make the team. He did make a nice grab for a first down.

3. Kareem Moore: He let Yamon Figurs get behind him on a broken play for a big gain.

4. Alfred Fincher: He was beaten badly by TE LJ Smith on a long pass play downfield.

5. Fred Davis: He fumbled twice. I still believe this guy will be good. He just needs to focus.

6. Devin Thomas: He has the inside track to start at receiver. All he needs is several productive games. He didn't get one tonight (one catch, 12 yards).

Overall, this performance gets an F. The Skins couldn't even determine what kind of cards they have been dealt because the offense couldn't move the ball. Guys like Devin Thomas aren't getting the reps and touches they need.

The offense didn't open up the playbook because they couldn't sustain a drive. This hurts the defense because they were on the field all night.

In addition, the defensive secondary wasn't nearly as aggressive as they should have been. They played too far off their men and that led to some east conversions for the Ravens. Several drops prevented it from being any worse.

On the Ravens first TD, the defense appeared to be in the Cover Two. They have not executed that well ever. Kevin Barnes passed his man off to the safety who failed to pick him up.

The defensive line played very well. They got plenty of pressure on Troy Smith, but Smith's agility saved him from going down several times. Overall, it was an aggressive performance by the D-line.

The rookie LBs had some mixed results. Cody Glenn forced a fumble and Robert Henson nearly had a pick. He defended one pass (but there appeared to be an called pass interference on Henson).

More to come. It doesn't get any easier as the Steelers visit DC on the 22nd.

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