September 22, 2009

Barbs Exchanged In Redskins Organization

So the fans aren't the only ones who are frustrated with the Redskins struggles.

Sonny Jurgensen openly criticized Jim Zorn's playcalling on the 'Skins live postgame show and Dan Steinberg covers it here.

Sonny comes right out with it and I like that. He points out what everyone wants to say and Zorn bristles at it. Definitely not your run of the mill postgame press conference.

As far as Zorn's excuse, I don't buy it. "We called it to work." Well obviously. But there's such a thing as a feel for the game and a feel for what your offense can give you.

Twice now Zorn has killed drives with busted trick plays. The way the offense struggles to run its bread and butter why on earth would Zorn complicate things. He lacks a basic trust in Campbell and you can tell it affects his playcalling in important situations.

Campbell can't grow with what Zorn calls. I was especially disappointed with his decision not to pass on the fourth-and-one. That was a big play in the game that I wish Zorn would have put on Campbell's shoulders.

However, I don't know if Zorn is in touch with his offense. He is very conservative and it shows on big downs. He has no problem dialing up plays between the thirties, but whenever the 'Skins are close to either endzone it seems like he gives up on the drive altogether.

But I digress because Robert Henson also had some verbal assaults yesterday. Via Twitter, he trashed half-hearted 'Skins fans, calling them "dimwits."

There was some booing on Sunday, but in my opinion, it was merited. Henson is a rookie who isn't familiar with the organization. We have been seeing this for years, Robert, and unlike you we don't see an end in sight. So sorry you find us to be pessimistic.

We aren't half-hearted, we're just smart.

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