September 8, 2009

Sell Out? Redskins Ticket Scandal

So the 'Skins have been quietly trying to unload tickets around the DC metro area, making it appear like the tickets are a once in lifetime deal.

People on the season ticket waitlist (including yours truly) have been receiving calls from the ticket office. Tickets are opening up at a rapid pace.

The team even has deals in place with the DC lottery to win tickets.

With the Washington Post bringing out a series concerning online ticket brokers who resell Redskin tickets, I've become more in tuned to the fact that Danny Boy might be struggling to fill the stadium.

We all know that FedEx doesn't sell out anymore. The premium seating costs a fortune. The team is mediocre. Combine the two and fans aren't going to come out see a game much less a full slate of games.

They are going to resell their tickets to the highest bidder especially in these economically trying times. So fans of other teams won't be hard pressed to find tickets.

Something has to give. Eventually Snyder will need to do something to alleviate an apathetic fan base. Things aren't code red, but how much more will fans put up with?

Of course winning would make everything better, but if the victories don't start piling up fast, fans will continue to leave and watch from the more affordable confines of their living rooms.

Here's the link to the Post's article.


Bleaux Leaux said...

Right on the money here. The worst kept secret in football is the myth of the Redskins "sellouts". The team hasn't been a consistant winner in forever and the FedEx experience is a miserbale one. Winning would help, but we've reached a point where there's a lot more wrong with the Redskins than just their on-field product.

Jack said...

Oh definitely. Snyder is out of touch with the real Redskins fans. The stadium is too corporate and expensive. It's sad that the team is so far removed from the great tradition they have had in the past.