September 29, 2009

With 2009 In Dire Straits, what should the 'Skins Do In 2010?

So we lost to Detroit. It's a fitting testament to the past ten years worth of disappointment. The 'Skins continually reload on paper only to find that some other problem springs up.

This little Dutch Boy plugging up the dam act has got to stop. It's time to get serious, make a plan and stick to it.

If a loss to the Lions doesn't convince the little Dutch Boy (Danny) to reevaluate his strategy, nothing will.

This is a good time for an overhaul. The core players are aging and there is little depth. The 'Skins have a full complement of draft picks next year and should have a completely new coaching staff.

Can you smell that fresh springtime atmosphere? I sure can and I like it.

I know a lot of you are probably willing to stay patient because you think we have a lot of good players who we can keep together for a few more years. You might be attached to Clinton Portis or Fred Smoot, but let's face it: this is far from a Super Bowl winning team.

This team was never going places. The offensive line has been plagued with injuries for the past four years, the defensive line has been non-existent. Receivers, what are they? Chris Cooley has been underused while Portis has been worn out.

We should have known Joe Gibbs was milking the full potential from this group. Instead, we criticized him for limiting it. It took 19 games with Jim Zorn for me to realize this team just isn't that good.

The coaching staff has been incredibly bad. The team, as I said, isn't a Super Bowl team, but it could definitely win nine or 10 games. With Zorn, they look like they might win six.

So assuming Snyder axes Zorn and his entire staff (as he should), the 'Skins get new life with a new staff. Now comes the tricky part: Will Snyder hire another puppet or someone who will be able to fully insert his philosophies on the team?

That will be the most critical juncture. It will determine what the 'Skins will look like in five years. If Snyder lands a Cowher or a Shanahan, he must give them the reins. They have built winners before and they can do it again.

Snyder just needs to sign the checks. Period. If he can find the right coaches who can get the most out of the team, then he will have done his job.

Hiring new coaches is a no-brainer. The big thing will be deciding who belongs in the nucleus of the "new" Redskins and who gets the boot.

I'll give you that next.


Rich Tandler said...

Good stuff, Jack. While I believe that there is a good core on the team that's worth keeping around, there is a lot of work to do to build a perennial contender. The good news is that this is the NFL and a turnaround can come about quickly--as long as Snyder can find the right people to pull it off. w

Bleaux Leaux said...

Snyder needs to look at the last 10 years and admit to himself that the only common threads through all the mediocrity are himself and Vinny...and since he's not going to fire himself, bye bye, Vinny.

I'm tired of hearing about all the good players Washington has. Most of the talent on this team is begining the long slide into oblivion, and some of it has never been as good as advertised (I'm looking at you, Fred Smoot). You're right: Joe Gibbs got all there was to be had out of this bunch. But still, not much will change until the Skins change the way they do business.

Jack said...

Rich, we do have some solid core players. The problem will be solidifying the trenches and getting a coach who can instill some tenacity in the team.

And you're right things could happen quickly if we can find the right combination of players. At any rate, I'm willing to wait for glory if it means a few years as a bottom feeder. That sure would beat mediocrity for a decade.

Jack said...

Bleaux, I agree all the way with you too. Cerrato has been a nightmare. Snyder needs to surround himself with guys who know football and speak their mind rather than suck up to him.

And yes this team IMO is not very good and never really has had the makings of Super Bowl team. And now most of them are past their prime anyway.