October 20, 2009

Campbell To Remain Starter

A league source has just informed NFL Network's Jason La Canfora (formerly of the Washington Posts' Redskins Insider) that Jason Campbell will get the nod in this week's Monday nighter against the Eagles.

Just as I expected. Campbell will keep the job until his contract expires at the end of the year. It's a good move (can't believe I'm saying this) and really the only move. Todd Collins isn't the answer and the 'Skins have no other young QB (thanks to Jim Zorn's general retardedness).

As much as the prospect of drafting Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy sounds good, I firmly believe we should make a play for someone like Jeff Garcia or another veteran who can keep things together while the 'Skins put an elite O-line in place.

Think about it, McCoy or Bradford wouldn't last a second with our current blockers. Why waste a pick on a tackling dummy?

Build the trenches first and you'll find that many more passers will succeed in your offense.

In the mean time, why is Jim Zorn still on the payroll?


alice said...

my friend, you are EXACTLY wrong - what this team lacks is LEADERSHIP -= Snyder, Cerruto, Zorn and, especially Campbell are HUGE leadership, management and chrisma NEGATIVES - you want continued chaos, continue lEADERLESS

Jack said...

Actually I don't at all Alice. But this season is done, it really doesn't matter what happens the rest of the year. Collins/Campbell, it doesn't matter.

We will be leaderless until the end of the year no matter what, so what does it matter? I would go with Campbell just because he has more physical tools.

At the end of the year we'll be rid of Campbell, Zorn, and hopefully Cerrato.

alice said...

physical tools not worth much w/o mental tools - some day you wont be able to get an Harvard MBA without studying the Redskin comedy of errors management disaster

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Campbell isn't the issue

Collins was horrible too

just need to cut off the head of the current regime

Vinny, then Zorn

start over

Jack said...

Alice, I totally agree with you. I'm just speaking from a point of the rest of the season.

I know that we need to be rid of management and I know Campbell isn't mentally prepared to be a leader. I'm just speaking from this season's point of view.

There's no other option for THIS SEASON besides Campbell. Unless we sign someone.

Next offseason, we'll obviously replace him.

Jack said...

Couldn't agree more 3rd. New leadership; someone who's not a player's coach. Someone who will lay down the law and give us a new solid tradition of winning.

And also a competent front office.