October 11, 2009

Danny Boy Contacted Shanahan?

Yet another sign that Jim Zorn has been a lameduck since last year. Hell, he might have been a band-aid all along. I believe it.

Here's the scoop.

It's sad that Snyder is so hungry to win with big names that he's wasted an entire season waiting around for Shanahan. And now we add the Holmgren rumors...

There's a reason why Bill Cowher has denied interest in the 'Skins. It's because he has no interest in this dysfunctional franchise.

It's also funny that even though it appears Snyder gave up on the season before it even started, he still paid big bucks to stars. Doesn't make sense. If you have no faith in your team, why kill your salary cap by signing two players?

Now that's rebuilding Snyder style.

Anyway, Panthers will pull this one out. Sherm Lewis won't help much and Clinton Portis will stab Mike Sellars in the back. OK, I was lying about the last part.

Panthers 23-20.

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