October 18, 2009

Different Players, Same Story...

So the game blacked out in the third quarter; I wish it had stayed that way.

Losing 14-6 to yet another winless team doesn't inspire any confidence. Jim Zorn shook things up, benching Jason Campbell, and it made no difference (unless you count the one deep pass to Santana Moss).

Clinton Portis was benched/injured and being on the bench lit a fire under him, for one play.

So two positive plays were just about all the offense could muster, making it another painful day of football in our nation's capital.

So Zorn made some changes, but what's to come of them? Will he be fired this week? Will Campbell remain the starter?

Well, the 'Skins' front office has already made a move. Zorn was stripped of his playcalling duties an hour ago according to Redskins Insider. It is unknown who will replace him.

My guess is either Sherm Lewis or Sherman Smith. Lewis was recently brought in as an offensive consultant while Smith has been the offensive coordinator since Zorn's hiring.

Lewis is unfamiliar with the roster, but has an impressive resume in comparison to Smith's.

This move indicates that Zorn is most certainly on his last legs. If there were a suitable replacement option, Zorn would have already been gone. Smith isn't the answer and Greg Blache is too inept to even speak to the media much less run a team, leaving Lewis and offensive line coach Joe Bugel.

Bugel has been a head coach before, but in reality, this season is over and the 'Skins will likely hold off on making changes until season's end when Mike Shanahan comes calling.

As for Campbell, his fate was sealed today when Todd Collins entered the game. Campbell is in the final year of his contract and has shown no signs of consistent improvement during his tenure here. He may very well remain the starter this year, but there is no way the 'Skins will spend the money to resign him.

To me, Campbell is still the starter. There's no future with Collins, and Campbell has more physical tools. Quite frankly, it's a moot point with the way this team plays, but Campbell should be the guy for this year.

So it's all about next year. Despite the mediocrity in past years, we've never had to say that this early in a season.

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