October 22, 2009

Thursday Afternoon Scoops

Profootballtalk.com's Mike Florio says Joe Gibbs could be pondering a return to the Redskins in a Bill Parcells style role. It seems to be pretty far-fetched, but then again Danny is a predictable little guy.

Update: PFT just discovered that a Gibbs return appears doubtful according to a source close to Gibbs.

After further browsing, I have here another link on Gibbs becoming team president from Redskins Insider. Bobby Beathard gave a resounding endorsement of Gibbs, saying he would do well as team president.

This story appears to be making its way through the media, and so I'm going to see it as a possibility. In the very least, I would bet Snyder approached him about it. And why not?

Gibbs would be perfect for damage control and he would be perfect for the job of finding the new head coach. His charisma would help lure in talent while his football sense would actually mold the talent. And he could possible do it as a part time consultant.

Sounds better than a lot of other options.

And the sad story of Chief Zee unfolds courtesy of the Washington Post's Courtland Milloy. This guy really hasn't been given the comforts he deserves. The Ultimate Superfan.

How's this for another glimmer of hope. Adam Schefter actually thinks the 'Skins head coaching job is, and I quote, "desirable!" It's all about the uncapped year, baby.

Finally, Albert Haynesworth and Clinton Portis missed practice again. Portis is really banged up and I don't know if he'll be at 100% again this year. Haynesworth could be one of the most talented bums ever.

Chris Horton and Kareem Moore both missed practice as well with an illness. As far as I'm concerned I didn't like seeing so little of the dynamic Horton last Sunday. I don't get why he's in the doghouse. He's a great tackler and is reliable in pass coverage (with the exception of that pass interference call in Detroit, which could be why he's been benched).

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