October 21, 2009

Wednesday Morning Links

Marcus Mason was released along with fellow RB Anthony Alridge today.

My question is: Then why the hell did they make the final roster in the first place. OK, only Mason made it, but Alridge was cut and then BROUGHT BACK. Does the front office have any clue?

I'm assuming they kept them around for a purpose other then cutting them six weeks into the season. Or maybe I'm wrong.

Point is, teams need to make sure they are utilizing every spot. They can't waste spots by keeping the wrong players or just leaving good ones on the bench. Training camp should give you a good idea of who to keep. Unless you're Vinny.

At least the 'Skins signed Levi Jones who has a lot of much needed experience at tackle. The other signee was unknown RB Quinton Ganther.

I was emailed a great link on John Kent Cooke who opened up to Mike Wise of the Washington Post. Makes you think about what could have been if Danny Boy had been beaten out by the rightful heir.

There still would have been plenty of tradition left. Instead it's all gone and it's much like starting from scratch.

And finally I stumbled upon a nice little Snyder bashing site entitled Impeach Dan Snyder. It's riddled with sarcasm and Snyder mockery. Hell yeah.

That's it for now. Let the negativity continue.

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