October 30, 2009

The Worst Team In The NFL? Say It Ain't So 'Skins

Jason Smith of ESPN Radio sounded off on the Washington Redskins following an abysmal Monday Night performance against Philly.

"The Redskins are the worst franchise in football...They have become a punchline."

Smith went on to describe how the other bottom feeders have it better than us.

While I believe we have the talent to regroup and be a contender in a few years (if we stick to a solid plan that relies on the draft), Smith is right about one thing.

This year, there might not be a team as bad as the Washington Redskins. Nothing goes right for them. Momentum is never sustained; they don't play well with the lead; and they don't know how to bounce back from adversity. The list is endless.

Still I look at the front seven on defense, and there is hope. This front seven is really good. They are beginning to establish a strong pass rush, they control the line of scrimmage, and they hit well.

That's something to build around. Unfortunately, that's the only bright spot, and it doesn't hide the poor play from the rest of the team.

Yet Smith might have gone overboard by proclaiming the 'Skins to be in the worst shape of any team in the NFL. The Rams and Buccaneers both lost to Washington and have looked downright awful. In fact, they have even fewer prospects than the Redskins do.

Conversely, the 'Skins have a payroll that dwarfs those of the other NFL doormats. They have signed big name players and given fans big time expectations in the process. The results haven't lived up to the yearly hype.

Just three play-off appearances in ten years and only one postseason win (17-14 over Tampa, savor that 'Skins fans). That isn't exactly good.

This is a dark year for DC football, and finally the fans have had enough. They want blood. Not just Jim Zorn's blood, they want Vinny Cerrato's; they want Dan Snyder's.

Smith saw it plain as day on Monday. The Redskins were unmasked to the nation as a bunch of clueless, uncaring clowns in cleats.

Until the 'Skins shake off the stench of mediocrity, that's all they'll ever be.

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