November 24, 2009

Cooley Looks To Be Done For The Season

Chris Cooley was on DC101's Elliot in the Morning today, and he told the show he would most likely miss the rest of the season. "I'm probably done," he said. "If all went well, and it was an amazing 10-day recovery starting now, I can probably play the last three games. But I don't really see any benefit in me playing the last three games ... but I'd do it. If they wanted me to, and they kept a spot for me and I was fine, I'd do it."

Probably a safe move. Fred Davis has been looking good and his continued development would give the Redskins two quality tight ends for next year.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

the move is best for Chris

yet I am unsure if Davis will ever be a quality TE

jrajr said...

He's definitely been decent in stepping up for Cooley, but still suspect for sure.