November 10, 2009

Hall's Play In 2009 Is A Microcosm Of The Team's Performance

Deangelo Hall was the only player interested in fireworks, and they weren't even the right kind. Hall got into it with his former team on their own sideline, prompting Falcons coach Mike Smith to exchange words with Hall. Smith also appeared to physically pull Hall out of the scrum.

Hall accused Smith of "putting his hands on me," and, "cussing me out" following the game.

It doesn't get much more pathetic than this, but then again the 'Skins find ways to sink to new lows every week.

Hall hasn't been one of the better acquisitions the 'Skins have made this decade. Considering their horrible track record, that's saying something. Hall is soft in coverage and lax in tackling, and this incident will undoubtedly make him a laughingstock.

A once promising young corner who has lost his ability and is now spiraling towards the end of a disappointing career. Hall may be under 25, but his shelf life is drying up with each passing game.

This scuffle doesn't help matters. Hall made this past week all about him and his emotions concerning his return to Atlanta. The scrum wasn't even his battle, but he got into it just the same. Then to whine to the NFL because there was some pushing, shoving, and...gasp...cursing?

Now I've been to my fair share of sports events, and heard my fair share of swearing. Colorful language and sports go hand in hand. Hall is just looking for something to gripe about, but it will backfire.

Washingtonians don't want to see sensitive football players. They just want winners. Hall certainly doesn't play like a winner and his latest comments make him appear pretty damn sensitive.

Hall isn't making any new fans these days and neither is his team. Hall's play reflects the effort put in by the whole team, which isn't positive.

Coming off a bye, the 'Skins put up three points in the first half against the 31st ranked pass defense in the NFL. They tried to make it interesting in the second half, but the defense was unable to stop Michael Turner.

The Redskins have consistently been in the top five against the run, but this season they are ranked just 25th and on Sunday, they surrendered 6.7 YPC and 181 total rushing yards.

The tackling is woeful, and the basic defensive fundamentals are lacking. The 'Skins have seemingly lost their will to play.

Don't let the number one pass defense fool you. The 'Skins have faced a string of mediocre QBs, and success on the ground has made it pointless for opposing teams to throw.

And can one blame the defense for struggling? The offense has given up two defensive TDs early in the last two games, and put up just 13 first half points in the process of those two games. That doesn't inspire aspirations of greatness.

So needless to say, things aren't pretty in DC. The team doesn't seem to have much of a core group and the coaching situation is bleak. Dan Snyder is doing his best Darth Vader impersonation and the Redskins are well on their way to a 2-14 season. Good times in our nation's capital.

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