November 28, 2009

Albert Haynesworth Says: "It Ain't Too Late"

Albert Haynesworth showed some guts today or did he?

Haynesworth told reporters the Redskins still have something to play for, and that the season "ain't over."

Just talk or does he really mean it?

Now Fat Albert is doubtful for the game tomorrow, but if he plays I'll be happy to see that he wasn't just talking out his posterior.

The Redskins have played two of their best games the past two weeks, and they haven't given up vocally as of yet. We all know that barring the miraculous the year is over, but it's good to see some improvement the past few weeks.

Haynesworth has definitely made a difference. Offenses avoid running at him, and Washington's defensive ends have been much better this year. It would be great to see him get in there tomorrow to play Philly.

Speaking of Philly, the 'Skins have to stop DeSean Jackson. They do that and it forces the Eagles to play a yardage game, which isn't up their alley at all.

My Prediction: Jackson is contained for the most part, but the 'Skins have a bad turnover at the wrong time. 17-13 Eagles.

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