November 5, 2009

Riggins Rips Snyder On Inside The NFL

Former Redskins great John Riggins blasted current Redskins owner Dan Snyder on HBO's Inside the NFL.

"This is a bad guy," said Riggins to show host James Brown. "[The franchise] is driven by his ego. It's not a climate where people can succeed. It's just a circus and a joke."

Riggins unleashed a firestorm in a seven and a half minute interview with Brown. Great stuff that anyone who is frustrated with Snyder and the 'Skins needs to listen to.

You can tell Riggins desperately wants to see the Redskins return to the glory years. You can also tell he hates his former boss with a passion. Riggins undoubtedly had plenty of interaction with Snyder while working in the studios of ESPN 980, which the Danny owns. That interaction was likely what allowed Riggins to be so in tune with the "dark" side of Danny Boy.

I personally think it's the best piece that has come out against Danny and a must-see for any Redskin fan. I agree with the statement at the end where Riggins says his criticism of the organization will eventually enhance his legacy.

Here's the link.

Update: Greg Blache has defended Snyder since Riggins' outburst. Blache broke his media silence to announce to Snyder haters: "enough's enough." Wow. Thanks for the input, Greg. Now go teach your secondary how to cover.

Here's that link.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Blatche is obviously throwing his hat in the ring for Zorn's job next year lol

but you have to love Riggo

Jack said...

Yeah hopefully that doesn't happen lol. Blache is abysmal.

And I am thrilled Riggo is being so outspoken about this.