November 17, 2009

Second Half Domination Good To See

The 'Skins went toe-to-toe with the Denver Broncos in the first half. Despite numerous lapses in coverage, the Redskin offense managed a pair of TDs and trailed 17-14 at halftime.

Then, they took over.

You can say what you want about the Kyle Orton injury, but there was more to it than simply an ugly performance from Chris Simms. The offense controlled the ball for most of the second half and ran it down Denver's throats.

Sure Simms' was unable to lead the Broncos to any points, but a big reason for that was that Washington never let them get into a rhythm. That's a surefire way to beat a team.

As bad as the secondary was, the 'Skins offense will have to play ball control again this week against the Cowboys. They have made it a habit to give up big plays, and Dallas has been a big play team over the past month.

I really think a big reason the 'Skins struggled to keep Brandon Marshall in front of them was the fact, that Denver hasn't been much of a vertical passing team this year. They gameplanned well, and caught the 'Skins sitting on the playaction.

This week, Miles Austin is a known downfield threat. The 'Skins will obviously work extra hard to prepare for him and correct the errors from this past week.

But will they?

Greg Blache has hardly impressed me with his passive schemes this season. The D-line has been much better than usual against the pass, and yet the secondary has been average at best. A lot of soft zone coverage and poor tackling in several games.

However, the biggest concern is the run defense. Teams have been running away from Albert Haynesworth, and it's working.

The Redskins get decent penetration in the backfield, but they miss tackles or a linebacker fails to plug up the last gap. This has led to the NFL's 24th ranked rush defense, which allows 125.7 rushing yards per game.

Not good with the Cowboys 8th ranked rushing attack on the horizon.

That means the 'Skins will have to duplicate their time of possession dominance from last week. I'm just praying last week's success will carry over because after all what Redskins fan wouldn't want to christen Dallas' new stadium with a beatdown from the Burgundy and Gold?

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