November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Tidbits

Just how bad are the injuries for the Redskins? Rich Tandler documents it on CSNWashington.

Nine different players have started on the offensive line for the 'Skins this year. If Edwin Williams starts at RG against Philly he'll be the tenth different starter.

Deangelo Hall and Albert Haynesworth are both questionable for the Eagles' game. HB Blades and Todd Yoder are as well. Jim Zorn made it sound like Hall's status is more in doubt than Haynesworth's.

Haynesworth could play regardless of whether he practices on Friday or not. Hall would be more likely to miss the game should he miss Friday's practice.

Mike Shanahan met with the Bills for seven, count 'em, SEVEN hours yesterday. I know that's a standard amount of time for a head coaching interview, but wow! That's a lot of time.

Anyway, Bill Cowher and Marty Schottenheimer already declined the Bills advances. Shanahan has been linked to DC in some reports. He is friends with Vinny Cerrato, which have led some people to assume Cerrato would push for Shanahan in order to try and save his job by working alongside Shanahan in a front office capacity.

Either way, Shanahan is a name Dan Snyder would pursue, and so his interactions with the Bills bear watching.

Eagles' defensive coordinator Seth McDermott has had a rough time taking over for the late Jim Johnson. Eight of the opening day starters have missed time and the Eagles will be without their nickel and dime backs this week (Joselio Hanson and Ellis Hobbs).

Also, Philly's top two CBs, Asante Samuel (neck stinger) and Sheldon Brown (hamstring strain), will return this week from injuries, and won't be 100%.

Linebacker Akeem Jordan is expected to miss this week as well. The 'Skins must take advantage of all these injuries, spread the field and control the clock. The Eagles like to rotate players as they usually have a lot of depth on defense.

So if the 'Skins can stay in the game early, establish the run, and experience some success with playaction, they could really exploit their injury ridden defense.

But of course our secondary has to continue what it started last week and shut down the explosive DeSean Jackson this week.

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