November 24, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon Links

Devin Thomas will be returning kick-offs because Rock Cartwright is replacing Ladell Betts at RB. Based on his effort on Sunday, I like the move. Thomas has really become a solid threat in the past several weeks. He looks like he's catching on (two returns, 28 yard average).

Roy Williams scared of LaRon Landry?
You bet.

Matter of fact, the whole secondary played really well. I had been saying the 'Skins weren't playing up to their ranking as the number one pass defense, but on Sunday, they stopped the big play Cowboys from making any big plays.

And they did it in zone with an inconsistent pass rush. The 'Skins have gotten to opposing QBs remarkably well this year, but last week Romo had time to throw. The secondary just made sure he had no one to throw to.

D Hall played well, Landry played well, Smoot played well. Even Justin Tryon looked comfortable out there. Maybe the secondary is good. This week, they face a big test in the McNabb-to-Jackson connection.

My friend Ed Sheahin from CBS Sportsline is a big Brian Orakpo fan. And so am I. What a play he made to force Romo to throw an INT on Sunday. The guy is only getting better. Double digit sacks?

Here's Sheahin's take on Orakpo.

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