December 25, 2009

Campbell: Some Players Have Quit

First off, Merry Christmas! God bless us, everyone!

Jason Campbell told Kelli Johnson that he thinks some of the players have quit on the season.

Here's the interview.

And here's an article on it from the Free Lance Star's Rich Campbell

Given the way the 'Skins played last week, Campbell's statement doesn't surprise me. Something was wrong on Monday night.

As for the positives last week? The only one I could come up with was the play of TE Fred Davis.

Also, though Campbell played poorly, I think he's gaining the respect of the fans and his teammates. The guy has undergone so much pressure the past two years behind a terrible offensive line and yet he comes back every week to play.

Last week's game summed up Campbell's tenure as starter. He gets hit a lot and still manages to improve upon his numbers every year. The toughness both physically and mentally he showed coming back in the second half was impressive. I think the team would readily accept him as a leader for next year.

The wins haven't been coming, but with some protection, Campbell could be everything the Redskins have hoped for. He actually seems to be getting more and more comfortable as a leader. Next year, the 'Skins must try and keep him.

At the very least, Campbell would bridge the gap until the 'Skins solidify the offensive line, making it suitable for a new franchise QB. Although, I believe the 'Skins will come to realize that Campbell is a franchise QB once the line is in place.

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