December 1, 2009

Edwin Williams To Be Replaced By Mike Williams?

The lunacy continues.

For some reason the Redskins are enamored with giant underachiever Mike Williams. So much in fact, that they are trying to reinsert the injury prone OL into the starting lineup.

Williams has been a bust ever since entering the league. He struggles to keep his weight in check and he is never healthy. Plus, his performance this year has been far below average.

Despite all this, the Redskins seem determined to give Williams time and plenty of opportunities to show what he can do.

I know Vinny is desperately searching for that one lucky break. That one "project player" who will pan out and make him look like a genius, but Mr. Cerrato, this guy isn't it.

Still is appears Mike Williams will replace rookie Edwin Williams at RG this Sunday against the Saints.

As far as I saw, Edwin played well on Sunday with the exception of one false start penalty (which didn't matter because there were three other false starts on other members of the offense plus two holding penalties on RT Stephon Heyer). For his first start, I thought Edwin played solidly in both run and pass protection.

There has been talk of moving Edwin to center next year in place of Casey Rabach and it would make sense to get him as much playing time as possible. Mike has no future with the team and Edwin has actually outplayed him from what I've seen.

The season is over and yet Jim Zorn, or whoever is calling the shots, refuses to get the young guys in there. How can these guys be expected to succeed when the only playing time they get is when the guys in front of them go down with injuries?

This franchise just doesn't understand the concept of long-term.

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