December 19, 2009

Gray Interviewed For Head Coaching Job

Dan Snyder just lacks something. It's called subtlety.

We all know Snyder is going to make a coaching change. However, we also know etiquette dictates you don't interview potential replacements until you've fired your current coach.

However, Snyder has already interviewed secondary coach Jerry Gray according to an report.

Snyder can talk to candidates all he wants, but why is he rushing into the interview process before the season is over?

Jim Zorn has handled this rough season with class. The least Snyder could do is fire him before interviewing replacements.

That's not a good way to do business and can be a huge turn off to some people. Snyder likes the big splash and he loves to make moves quickly (sometimes without thinking), but this style makes him hated by some.

Why else did he have trouble landing a coach after Joe Gibbs left? Because Snyder is heavy-handed. People don't like working with him.

You can't quite put a finger on it, but there's something about Snyder's methods that just don't ring true. He does everything so quickly that he doesn't seem to realize what the full consequences of his actions could entail.

We see it in countless FA signings that kill cap space, we see it when he throws away draft picks, we see it when he sues season ticket holders, we see it when bans sign from FedEx Field. All of that stuff doesn't give Snyder the makings of a good businessman.

This latest news only strengthens my belief.

I have no problem with hiring a new head coach (although I think a case could be made for keeping Zorn). However, I do have a problem with actively interviewing for one when the reigning head coach is still in DC.

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