December 5, 2009

J Camp To Return?

I don't know what the Redskins front office is thinking, but they should be planning for another season with Jason Campbell at the helm.

He's the best option short-term and drafting a QB in 2010 would be premature considering the need for quality offensive linemen.

Campbell has looked decent this year with little help. I broke down why he should remain the starter in 2010 on right here.

My buddy Rich Tandler at gives a little input on the negatives in Campbell's game right here.

No doubt Rich hits on some key points. Campbell has yet to really make his mark with Washington. He doesn't have a signature drive or moments, but for next year he really might be the best possible option.

I have definitely heard some chatter regarding a Campbell return in 2010. He isn't viewed by many teams as a good QB, which could make it difficult for Campbell to start anywhere else. However, given the tenuous relationship between Campbell and management, a new contract might not work out.

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