December 10, 2009

Odds And Ends From The Saints Game

Here's my recap of the Saints-Redskins game on Sunday.

And here's some analysis from it.

Overall, it was a heartbreaker, but I think we learned something about these 'Skins. When Washington really gets up to play, they can play with almost anyone.

Jason Campbell is very close to becoming a legitimate starting QB. The guy can throw. Now the question is: can he overcome his own head and lead the 'Skins on a game-winning drive? That INT late was inexcusable.

Campbell is a good player. He could be more than a good player if he learned how to make plays in big situations.

In addition, totally agree with the release of Shaun Suisham. The guy has missed important kicks throughout his career. I wouldn't trust him after missing that chippy late. That wasn't even pressure-packed. I would just question his focus.

Disappointing game. Now for the Raiders.

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