December 14, 2009

What Should The Redskins Do Next Year?

If Jason Campbell stays that would beg the question: what else should remain intact? This is the best stretch of offensive football the Redskins have played in quite some time, and a lot of it should be attributed to the playcalling of new offensive coordinator Sherm Lewis.

Lewis has led the Redskins offense to more points and yards since taking over in late October. The last three out of five games, the Redskins have set a season high for points without much of running game as Campbell has taken the team on his back and distributed the ball to a number of targets.

Lewis has really opened up the offense for Campbell. And as the offense has progressed, Lewis has given a number of different looks in terms of formations, shifts, and motions. The offense has looked comfortable with everything they have attempted these past few weeks.

Look at the screen pass to Santana Moss inside the ten in the fourth quarter today. The Redskins shifted the formation and then pulled the running back, who was in the slot, into the backfield. Campbell, in the shotgun, then delivered a quick pass to Moss. Moss had good blocking in front of him and took it inside the the three to make it first and goal.

That is a play where the Raiders were looking run after seeing the back go in motion into the backfield. The 'Skins knew this and came back with a safe pass to Moss in space.

That kind of stuff is brilliant and keeps a defense on their heels.

So do the 'Skins keep Lewis? They would be wise to keep in place the same offense in 2010 should it continue to roll for the remainder of 2009. If they do keep the offense, then Lewis should be kept.

Jim Zorn has learned how to facilitate. He struggled to find his niche playcalling, but settled nicely into the role of overseer. However, I think the 'Skins FO will be enamored with the big names of Cowher and Shanahan. This will lead to a Zorn firing.

But is that a good thing? Why clean house if a team appears to be getting into a groove with the present leadership?

This is why the Redskins struggle to stay consistently successful as a franchise. There is no sense of patience in Redskin Park. Big names that fill seats are all that matters to management.

Obviously, it would have made sense to fire Zorn earlier in the year. No one could have anticipated this kind of a turnaround from a team who seemed so terrible in the first half of the season.

However, Zorn has brought the team together without one of the higher paid, underachieving stars. Clinton Portis was bringing no fire to the football field on Sunday. Hell, the guy wasn't even practicing.

Zorn certainly deserves another season as head coach. He has adapted well to his new duties, and the team has really improved on offense. A renovated offensive line and a new running back would give the 'Skins a fantastic offense if they kept their offensive philosophy intact and continued to develop what they presently have.