January 28, 2010

Done Deal: McCardell's Hiring Completes Coaching Staff

Well, that was fast.

Keenan McCardell was hired last night to be the Redskins new WRs coach. He is the last major hire for Mike Shanahan's staff.

Unless Shanahan decides to hire quality control coaches, he could very well be completely done with the hiring process.

Rich Tandler has a good piece reviewing the coaching staff and giving a little synopsis of their histories.

As for the staff, I like the setup. A lot of successful coaches that Shanahan has worked with before. And a few who have worked with great players like former Chiefs tight ends coach Jon Embree who worked with the legendary Tony Gonzalez.

My favorite hires: QBs coach Matt LaFleur (worked with Matt Schaub this past season) and LBs coach Lou Spanos (formerly with the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Questionable hire: Retaining safeties coach Steve Jackson. Jackson had an unsuccessful group headed by the disappointing LaRon Landry. Maybe it was due to the poor scheme of former defensive coordinator Greg Blache, but the safeties looked unprepared, out of position, and seemed to lack an awareness of the fundamentals.

I also think the 'Skins might have missed out when they passed on hiring former Giants defensive line coach Mike Waufle. Shanahan went with his former D-line coach from Denver in Jacob Burney, but Waufle certainly had an impressive resume.

January 27, 2010

'Skins Looking At McCardell To Coach Receivers

Jason La Canfora from NFL Network is reporting that the Redskins are interested in hiring Keenan McCardell to coach the team's wide receivers this season.

And Redskins Insider is also reporting that another former NFL wideout, Ike Hilliard, interviewed for the position this week in Alabama at the Senior Bowl.

Wide receivers coach is the last position coach the 'Skins have open on the staff. They have also interviewed former Tampa Bay WRs coach, Richard Mann.

In my humble opinion, I would love seeing McCardell here. He was one of the better receivers in the business during his prime. He helped out the New York Giants last season, and as we saw the Giants WRs had quite a successful season.

The NFL's 2010 Not-So-Pro-Bowl

Every year since 1980, the best football players in the world embark on a week long journey to Hawaii to play in the NFL's Pro Bowl.

It was, at one point, considered a great honor to be picked to play in this game; the greatness of players were measured in part by the number of Pro Bowls they had been selected to.

Unfortunately, several factors have contributed to making the Pro Bowl less of an honor and also more irrelevant for NFL fans and players.

In recent years, the players have turned their backs on the game, preferring instead to take a few weeks for themselves before beginning their offseason workouts. The Pro Bowl, which used to be a showcase of the NFL's finest, has now become a game for the second-best players in football.

We know the game in and of itself is a glorified backyard scrimmage, but it turns fans off when their favorite players don't show up.

Another strong reason for the Pro Bowl's increasing irrelevance is that in 1995, fans became eligible to vote on who should make the Pro Bowl. Previously, the coaches and players were the only voters in the selection process.

This certainly takes away some of the luster of being voted to the Pro Bowl team. Players were at one point picked solely by their peers. The guys they played against every week throughout the season; they selected who was the best from among them.

As politically incorrect as this might sound, most fan voting is uninformed and biased. Most fans couldn't tell you who should be the starting center for the NFC, but they vote on it anyway.

The NFL is a fraternity. The fans are on the outside of that fraternity. Players just aren't going to have the same respect for fans and their opinions as they have for their own. That takes away from the prestige of the award.

However, the biggest blow to the Pro Bowl's credibility happened last offseason when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decided to move the Pro Bowl to Miami a week before the Super Bowl in 2010.

A big reason why players attended the Pro Bowl was because it was held in Hawaii. Lots of players are in Miami at some point each year, and South Beach just doesn't have the same appeal as a Hawaiian sunset over the Pacific.

Plus, some of the best players are either playing in the Super Bowl next week or have just been eliminated from the postseason. None of those players really have a desire to play in this game.

Add that to the players who never attend anyway and the NFL has had to damn near replace half of the original starters who were picked to the Pro Bowl this year.

Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Tom Brady are all missing the Pro Bowl. That leaves just Aaron Rodgers as the only QB on either squad who was originally picked.

Here's the totals. The AFC had 43 players initially selected. 14 of them are skipping it. The NFC also had 43 players selected. 17 will not play.

So out of the 86 players selected to the Pro Bowl, nearly 40% will not play.

Goodell will hopefully realize what a disaster this has been, and move it back to Hawaii next year. I understand he was trying to use it to drum up more football fever during Super Bowl week, but it's not working.

A "Super" farce? I think so.

January 25, 2010

London Fletcher Finally Makes the Pro Bowl After a 12-Year Wait

As Garret Hartley's game-winning in overtime kick split the uprights, everyone in New Orleans went berserk.

Over in Washington DC, so did a certain middle linebacker.

As the Saints dramatically advanced to the Super Bowl over the Vikings yesterday, it ensured that New Orleans' Pro Bowl LB Jonathan Vilma will not be playing in the Pro Bowl, leaving his spot open for the Redskins' very own London Fletcher.

Say what you will about the farce that is the Pro Bowl this year, but Fletcher couldn't care less. After waiting for 12 years to make his first Pro Bowl, the venerable middle linebacker is on the NFC roster.

"I'm thinking, 'Man, here I am in my 12th year. Is it ever going to happen for me?' When it finally became a reality, yeah, it was a big relief," he said.

Fletcher's excitement is truly justified. He has never had less 119 tackles since 2000, and is a leader wherever he goes. He's respected by everyone in the NFL and is one of the finalists for this year's Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Fletcher is a classic run-plugging middle linebacker with a big heart. His loyalty and toughness have been recognized by a select few, but as the years have passed more people are beginning to take notice as to how good Fletcher is.

Peter King named him to his All-Decade team right next to Ray Lewis. And now Fletcher has reached the Pro Bowl.

Fletcher has wanted this for a long time, and the fact that he backed into a spot on the roster doesn't bother him in the least. "At the end of the day, when you write your article, you're going to call me a Pro Bowler, right?" he asked.

Indeed we are.

January 22, 2010

Quick Links on a Friday Night

Chris Foerster looks like a good O-line coach...

Sean McVay was hired as an offensive assistant. He coached with Jim Haslett in the UFL this year.

Rich Tandler gives us the skinny on Jim Haslett.

How bad was the Redskins past decade? Really bad...

Make sure to check out NFL.com's Blog Blitz Championship Chat on Sunday. I will be joining a bunch of NFL fans from around the world in a live blog for both the AFC and NFC Championship games.

January 21, 2010

Redskins Add Foerster, Slowik To Staff

The Redskins hired San Fransisco's Chris Foerster to be the team's new offensive line coach, replacing the legendary Joe Bugel after Bugel retired this past week.

Also, the 'Skins finalized a deal with Bob Slowik to coach the defensive backs. Slowik coached the Denver Broncos' defensive backs for two seasons (2005-06) and then became defensive coordinator from 2007-08 under Mike Shanahan when Shanny was heading up the Broncs.

So the 'Skins have just two spots left to fill on the staff. Special teams coach Danny Smith is expected to be retained but there is no official word on that yet. And there has been a name mentioned for the wide receivers coaching job (Richard Mann, the Buccaneers WR coach who was recently let go).

Coming up this weekend: I'm beginning a series on the 2009 Redskins and reviewing their roster. Following that we'll address team needs position by position. And I'll be breaking down the draft and free agency.

January 20, 2010

Update: Schefter Reports Shanahan Makes More Staff Hires in DC Today

Adam Schefter just tweeted the following: "Redskins today named Kyle Shanahan offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur quarterbacks coach and Jon Embree tight ends coach."

And Redskins Insider has the full story up for your reading pleasure.

LaFleur was in Houston the past two years with the Texans. He worked with Matt Schaub (who just made the Pro Bowl as a replacement after leading the NFL in passing yards this season).

No word on who will be doing the playcalling on offense, but LaFleur and both Shanahans are sharp offensive minds.

This could be the best coaching Jason Campbell will ever see. Definitely an upgrade from the previous two years. He would be wise to stick around because this should make him a more than respectable starter.

As for Embree, he is a former NFL tight end and was the TE coach in Kansas City for the last three years of Tony Gonzalez's time with the Chiefs. He also spent time coaching with UCLA and the University of Colorado.

Embree will coach the most talented position on the team. The Redskins have a Pro Bowler in Chris Cooley, 2009's breakout performer in Fred Davis, and a reliable blocker and red zone threat in Todd Yoder.

Draft Tidbits

I have just started studying the draft, but there are plenty of people who are miles ahead of me.

I'm looking exclusively at offensive line prospects right now. Obviously that's the Redskins' biggest need and they will be looking for a special breed of offensive linemen considering that Mike Shanahan intends to switch to his patented zone blocking scheme.

I'll be releasing my own analysis sometime after the Super Bowl, but for now digest this mock draft.

And check out this draft scenario from Hogs Haven.

Shanahan in the Process of Putting Finishing Touches On Staff

Mike Shanahan is well on his way to filling out the Redskins coaching staff after a busy day yesterday in which several names were let go.

Offensive assistant Chris Meidt was dumped yesterday along with tight ends coach Scott Wachenheim, receivers coach Stan Hixon, secondary coach Jerry Gray, and defensive line coach John Palermo.

They join offensive coordinator Sherman Smith and running backs coach Stump Mitchell as members of former head coach Jim Zorn's staff that were not retained by Shanahan.

Shanahan has reportedly brought in Jacob Burney to replace Palermo as D-line coach. Burney coached with Shanny in Denver. Mike Waufle, the former Giants D-line coach, apparently never got linked to the 'Skins job again, and is now interviewing in Oakland for their D-line coaching spot.

Meanwhile, the 'Skins decided to keep safeties coach Steve Jackson, special teams coach Danny Smith (who several teams tried to interview, but the 'Skins wouldn't allow it), and linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti (who will work with the newly hired Lou Spanos).

Gray decided to leave DC for a position as the secondary coach in Seattle. His status with the 'Skins seemed to change everyday since the end of the year. One day it looked like he would stay, the next there were rumors about him taking a number of jobs on other teams.

Gray was involved in a mini-controversy when he interviewed for the Redskins head coaching job during the season while Jim Zorn was still the head coach. Not only was it an unprofessional move, but it also drew criticism from the media because it was believed the Redskins only interviewed Gray to fulfill the Rooney Rule, which mandates that a team must interview a minority candidate for a head coaching vacancy.

So the Redskins have all their top coaches and coordinators set. They still need a secondary coach for the defense, and on offense they are missing several position coaches. Here's a look at the current state of the coaching staff.

January 18, 2010

Cowboys Lose, Then Call Foul Play

Well it was a thing of beauty for any Redskins fan yesterday as the Dallas Cowboys were spanked by the Minnesota Vikings 34-3.

Tony Romo was sacked six times and the much-hyped Dallas defense was worn down by the ageless wonder Brett Favre.

Plus, we got to see ex-Redskins kicker, Shaun Suisham, miss not one, but two field goal attempts.

All in all it might have been the most satisfying day of this season for Redskins fans.

Following the game, Cowboy linebacker Keith Brooking accused the Vikings of running up the score when Favre threw for a TD pass on fourth down with under two minutes to go in the game. The Vikings were up 27-3 at the time.

Brooking actually chased Favre to the sideline following the TD, and then exchanged words with Vikings DE Jared Allen.

All I can say is: How 'bout them Cowboys!!!

January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

A disappointing day of divisional games. I have to say I was quite bored watching the Colts and Saints win yesterday.

So I'll just focus on the better team here and get back to Redskins coverage.

OK that wasn't even funny.

Anyway here's some rapid fire links from around the web.

Rich Tandler gives us a preview of new assistant head coach and running backs coach Bobby Turner on CSN Washington.

If you're wondering how the coaching staff is shaping up then here's a good look at it (By the way the futures of defensive backs coach, Jerry Gray, safeties coach, Steve Jackson, tight ends coach, Steve Wachenheim, and special teams coach, Danny Smith are all up in the air.)

I think that Jackson, Wachenheim, and Smith (especially Smith) will all stay. Gray, on the other hand, has received an offer from Seattle and Mike Shanahan reportedly wishes to hire Bob Slowik, who coached with Shanny in Denver, to lead the defensive backs.

Former Redskin and Bill Hall of Fame DE, Bruce Smith entered a guilty plea for driving under the influence. This is the third time he has been arrested for a DUI. The other two cases were thrown out.

Wondering about what ex-'Skins are playing in the postseason now? Well one former Redskin was booted out of the play-offs today. However, He was a big reason why the Cardinals even got this far. Here's my take on Jeremy Bridges.

Mike Waufle, the defensive line coach for the New York Giants, was fired a couple weeks back. Now there's rumors that the man who led a dominant defensive line in New York, which in turn spearheaded the Giants' Super Bowl win in 2007, could be coming to DC.

Waufle was well liked by the players. It appears that many found his firing to be a bad move.

Granted, I'm not sure if he's still in the Redskins plans as I don't believe he's been interviewed yet, but that would be a quality pickup.

And finally, a tribute to the beloved leader of the Hogs who retired this week. Congrats ona great coaching career Joe Bugel!

January 15, 2010

Redskins Looking To Return Training Camp To Carlisle

In his introductory press conference, Mike Shanahan mentioned that he liked the idea of having training camp away from the team's usual practice facility.

"I’ve had more success going outside because the Super Bowls that I’ve gone to, the championship teams I’ve been with, most of the time we went out to camp. In Denver, for a number of years, we were at the facility. I kind of enjoy going away if you can get the right environment. You’ve got to have the right fields, the right facility, the right meeting rooms and if that’s possible, I would like to go to a camp. But I’m not sure that that’s possible because you’ve got to have a quality field and you’ve got to be able to have meeting rooms. We’ll look into that and do the best thing for the Redskins.”

I think it is a good idea since the previous two training camps have been rather lacking in terms of intensity. Last year, Jim Zorn actually gave veterans the option to go home each night rather than bunk together as a team.

Zorn's poor excuse for a training camp is now gone and Shanahan will run a much tighter ship. He will expect players to unite or leave. Traveling to camp helps get things sorted out in a more discreet manner away from the prying eyes of Washingtonians.

The Redskins old facility at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa. has been mentioned, but until I saw this article, I didn't really give much thought to what a great idea this would be.

January 14, 2010

Turner Hired

Bobby Turner, who helped coach the running backs with the Broncos under Mike Shanahan, has been reunited with Shanahan in Washingon.

Turner was hired on Wednesday by the team to be an associate head coach (whatever the hell that means). His actual capacity is not yet known, but there is speculation he will coach the running backs.

All these additions are adding up to some things we can conclude.

The 3-4 we've already talked about.

As for the Turner hiring along with Kyle Shanahan taking over as offensive coordinator?

It further solidifies that Shanny is prepping to use the same offensive system he used in Denver. He wants to employ the zone-blocking scheme, and he will run a west coast offense.

Shanny knows his stuff, but his arrival means the players have new schemes to learn. How quickly they adapt bears watching. The new coaching staff is experienced in Shanahan's philosophies so that should ease the transition.

Spanos Added To Defensive Staff, Blache Retires

Lou Spanos has left the confines of Heinz Field after accepting the an offer from the Redskins to be a linebackers coach under new defensive coordinator, Jim Haslett.

Spanos, a Pittsburgh Steelers defensive assistant for 15 years, has coached some of the best LBs in the business. He has worked with Joey Porter, Levon Kirkland, Jason Gildon, James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, James Farrior, Clark Haggans and many others.

Much of the Steelers success has depended upon their linebackers, and Spanos has been instrumental in those linebackers' development. I can't recall many times where Pittsburgh struggled on defense especially at the linebacker position.

This is another solid move if the 'Skins are indeed looking to revert to the 3-4. The linebackers will need experienced guidance in making this switch, and no one better qualified than Spanos.

Here's a Steeler fan's perspective on the loss of Spanos.

And check out some of my analysis on the 3-4 personnel the 'Skins have and what they will need.

Also, last year's not-so-defensive coordinator, Greg Blache, retired today.

Blache was a major reason for the Redskins tentative, conservative looks on defense. This approach ultimately frustrated many of the players as they felt Blache was making them fit his system rather than forming a system around what suited them best.

January 13, 2010

More Talk On The Switch To A 3-4 Defense

ESPN makes mention of the Redskins switching to a 3-4 in their article detailing the Haslett hire.

Plus, here's a some discussion board fodder I picked up from ExtremeSkins where some people are talking personnel.

Here's my quick take on the 3-4 in DC.

Pros: I like Albert at nose tackle. If he stays motivated he's got the size and quickness to be very disruptive.

Andre Carter has played OLB in a 3-4 before. He and Brian Orakpo would make a nice pair of bookend edge rushers.

London Fletcher can be plugged into any system and still be a tremendous leader.

Cons: There are no prototypical 3-4 defensive ends on the roster. And to think we missed out on Chris Canty and Igor Olshansky last year.

The defensive ends in a 3-4 have to occupy bodies and be strong against the run. Phillip Daniels in the only end who can do this and he's not much of a starter anymore.

There's no second middle linebacker either. HB Blades is a run stopper like Fletcher, but a 3-4 requires at least one of the MLBs to have the ability to penetrate. Dallas has one in Keith Brooking and look how far it's gotten them.

Haslett Hired As New Defensive Coordinator

Jim Haslett was hired as the Washington Redskins' new defensive coordinator on Tuesday.

Haslett interviewed with the Redskins earlier this week and took the job despite rumors that he was also going to interview with the New York Giants for their vacant DC position.

He agreed to a three-year deal and is expected to lead a defense which is in desperate need of a new mentality after last season's lifeless effort.

The defense may have ranked eighth in total defense in 2009, but they will be remembered for lax coverage and poor fundamentals.

Greg Blache, the defensive coordinator in 2009 failed to be aggressive and as a result the defense allowed opposing offenses to convert 40% of their third down attempts.

The Redskins need to play with more tenacity rather than the cautious attitude that susceptible to breakdowns in 2009. Haslett is an aggressive coordinator who could help the Redskins regain some of their defensive swagger.

He prefers running a 3-4 defensive scheme which is something the Redskins have never used as their primary defense in franchise history. However, Mike Shanahan is reportedly interested in using it this season.

Should be interesting to see what Haslett brings to the table. He doesn't have the best track record, and he is a big name (shudder), but I think Shanny brought him in for a purpose, which is to run the 3-4.

Hey, everybody else is doing it. And with the right personnel, it works.

More to come on the hire.

January 8, 2010

Haslett, Zimmer Top Candidates For Defensive Coordinator Job

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports that former Saints coach Jim Haslett is Washington's top alternative to current Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer in the Redskisns search for a new DC.

Haslett just coached in the UFL and won coach of the year honors with the Florida Tuskers. He has been the defensive coordinator for the Saints, Steelers and Rams and was the interim coach in St. Louis last season.

Zimmer won't be able to interview until Cincinnati's season ends. The Bengals play the Jets in the wild card round this week. A loss would allow Zimmer to conduct interviews with potential suitors.

Should Cincy make a deep play-off run, Shanahan might not want to wait around for Zimmer, making it possible for Haslett to emerge as the front-runner for the job.

Note also that JLC mentions the 'Skins have thought about the possibility of installing the 3-4 defense.

Former Hog Grimm Is A Finalist For The Hall Of Fame

Russ Grimm is one of 17 finalists up for induction into the NFL Hall of Fame this year.

Grimm was a guard on one of the most dominant offensive lines in history. He was an original member of the Hogs and won three Super Bowls with the team.

He was a three-time all-pro and is widely regarded as one the NFL's top guards.

Currently, Grimm is an assistant with the Arizona Cardinals and is respected for his blue-collar work ethic.

The voting for the new members takes place on Feb. 6th, the day before the Super Bowl. That will cap a big Super Bowl week in Miami, in which commissioner Roger Goodell will give a state of the NFL address and the NFL Pro Bowl will be played a week before the Big Game.

Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Emmitt Smith, Chris Carter and Shannon Sharpe are some of the other big names in the running.

January 7, 2010

Shanny Presser

Here's Mike Shanahan's introductory press conference from Wednesday afternoon.

Some interesting points.

-Shanny said that he mentioned to Snyder last year that he liked Bruce Allen. Lo and behold Allen was hired last month.

I really believe this was in the works for about a year. Jim Zorn needed to make a deep play-off run to save his job. He was a dead man walking by the start of the season.

-I really like the brain trust that Snyder has put together. Both Allen and Shanny are experienced and know the west coast offense inside and out.

-I noticed in both the press conference and in the EPSN 980 interview that Shanny wasn't very gung-ho when discussing Clinton Portis.

He didn't put him down directly as a player, but he certainly didn't give him an endorsement. I sensed some subtle criticism.

-However, he praised Jason Campbell. Again no endorsement, but he overall sounded like he wanted Jason to be back.

-Shanny on who has the final say: "We (Allen and Shanahan) will work together. [I want a guy that knows] the salary cap and personnel. Bruce is that guy...Do I have the final say? Maybe you could say that...But we will work together as a team."

-"It's going to be a strong, disciplined football team, I can guarantee you that."

-How prepared is Shanny? The guy has talked to EVERYBODY it seems. His circle could be the largest in the NFL. Plus, the guy didn't really take any time off. He just learned how he could improved.

"I got a chance to study different teams, different coaches."

-Hopefully he's in this for the long haul because he would definitely make the 'Skins into perennial play-off contenders.

However, coaches don't stay here often. They either get old (Gibbs), Snyder gets tired of waiting (Turner, Schottenheimer), they realize they can't coach (Spurrier). No coach under Snyder has finished off his contract.

We all know Shanahan will develop a winner if he's given time. I don't think retirement is on the horizon either. So hopefully, Snyder stays patient and lets Shanny do his thing. This is a guy worthy of keeping around for at least the duration of his contract.

So far so good. But now it's time for day two.

January 6, 2010

Zorn Out, Shanny In

This is your "no duh" news of the week.

Just because of the day and a half worth of a delay, I thought maybe Shanny was having second thoughts. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Mike Shanahan is the Redskins new head coach.

Personally, I like the hire. Shanahan knows football and has succeeded with different types of teams.

I know he only has one play-off win since Elway, but the guy kept the Broncos in perennial play-off contention after Elway retired. He also worked with Jake Plummer to get Denver to the AFC Championship in 2005 and found what looked like was a legitimate replacement to Elway in Jay Cutler.

You have to like the fact that Shanahan knows how to build an O-line. He had a great one in place during his super bowl years and beyond. When it started to crumble, he drafted Ryan Clady who is now a premier left tackle in his second season.

Also Shanahan knows how to find WRs. He drafted Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall after the first round.

He values TEs, which is good considering the 'Skins have two. Tony Scheffler, Jeb Putzier and Shannon Sharpe all played parts in various Bronco teams throughout the year.

Not to mention, Kyle Shanahan appears to be heading over as the offensive coordinator. He also loves using the TE as displayed in Houston with Owen Daniels.

Overall, the track record says it all. The Shanahans know how to run offenses.

Shanny is also going to have a huge say in personnel matters. He was fired in Denver by Pat Bowlen largely because he refused to step down as GM. He wants to be in charge of everything.

So naturally, I expect he will determine all the personnel issues. Or at least he should.

Morocco Brown and the scouting have been praised by a lot of NFL people. They say the 'Skins have underutilized their input over the years. Shanahan hopefully won't do that. He'll most likely demand the football minds make the football decisions.

I like the persona Shanahan brings. He'll need to makes sure it rubs off the team. The Redskins have been lost in translation for two years, and it's up to Shanny to bring them around.

I know Danny wants to win quick. But he'll have to bite the bullet and expect a season or two of struggles. The team has plenty of holes, and it will take some time for Shanny to implement his offense.

Should the 'Skins surprise everyone and make the play-offs sometime in the next two years, then consider that to be gravy. I don't believe it will happen and so Snyder will have to stay patient and watch the team establish some consistency.

And I know their are naysayers out there, but if he is given FULL CONTROL, then I believe Shanahan will, at the very least, make the Redskins a play-off team.

All he needs is a little patience from the owner.

January 4, 2010

Disheartening End To Season

'Skins lose 23-20. They finish the year 4-12. For those of you licking your chops for the draft we locked down the fourth overall pick in the first round with the loss.

Early guess is they ignore the need for a tackle and take Clausen. Overall, they have just five picks in the draft. They are missing a 3 (b/c they picked up Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft this past summer) and a 6 (they gave it away in the Jason Taylor trade).

A couple quick observations from the game today:

-Edwin Williams looks like he can handle himself out there. He played well as far as I saw

-We just saw a LOT of Redskins play their last game in the Burgundy and Gold.

-Jason Campbell should be the starter next year. In the least, he would be a solid mentor for the rookie we will most likely draft.

-Thanks for showing up in week 17, Malcolm Kelly

-And finally, Quinton Ganther doesn't have the skills of to be a top RB, but he could be a great role player. He turns every carry into positive yardage no matter how much penetration comes into the backfield.