January 4, 2010

Disheartening End To Season

'Skins lose 23-20. They finish the year 4-12. For those of you licking your chops for the draft we locked down the fourth overall pick in the first round with the loss.

Early guess is they ignore the need for a tackle and take Clausen. Overall, they have just five picks in the draft. They are missing a 3 (b/c they picked up Jeremy Jarmon in the supplemental draft this past summer) and a 6 (they gave it away in the Jason Taylor trade).

A couple quick observations from the game today:

-Edwin Williams looks like he can handle himself out there. He played well as far as I saw

-We just saw a LOT of Redskins play their last game in the Burgundy and Gold.

-Jason Campbell should be the starter next year. In the least, he would be a solid mentor for the rookie we will most likely draft.

-Thanks for showing up in week 17, Malcolm Kelly

-And finally, Quinton Ganther doesn't have the skills of to be a top RB, but he could be a great role player. He turns every carry into positive yardage no matter how much penetration comes into the backfield.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

Edwin needs to be the center next year

Norv must have loved that W

at least Zorn is gone

Jack said...

Edwin is a cheaper option than rabach.

he looks good to me as well.

yeah. I'm sure Norv was laughing on the inside.