January 13, 2010

Haslett Hired As New Defensive Coordinator

Jim Haslett was hired as the Washington Redskins' new defensive coordinator on Tuesday.

Haslett interviewed with the Redskins earlier this week and took the job despite rumors that he was also going to interview with the New York Giants for their vacant DC position.

He agreed to a three-year deal and is expected to lead a defense which is in desperate need of a new mentality after last season's lifeless effort.

The defense may have ranked eighth in total defense in 2009, but they will be remembered for lax coverage and poor fundamentals.

Greg Blache, the defensive coordinator in 2009 failed to be aggressive and as a result the defense allowed opposing offenses to convert 40% of their third down attempts.

The Redskins need to play with more tenacity rather than the cautious attitude that susceptible to breakdowns in 2009. Haslett is an aggressive coordinator who could help the Redskins regain some of their defensive swagger.

He prefers running a 3-4 defensive scheme which is something the Redskins have never used as their primary defense in franchise history. However, Mike Shanahan is reportedly interested in using it this season.

Should be interesting to see what Haslett brings to the table. He doesn't have the best track record, and he is a big name (shudder), but I think Shanny brought him in for a purpose, which is to run the 3-4.

Hey, everybody else is doing it. And with the right personnel, it works.

More to come on the hire.

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