January 15, 2010

Redskins Looking To Return Training Camp To Carlisle

In his introductory press conference, Mike Shanahan mentioned that he liked the idea of having training camp away from the team's usual practice facility.

"I’ve had more success going outside because the Super Bowls that I’ve gone to, the championship teams I’ve been with, most of the time we went out to camp. In Denver, for a number of years, we were at the facility. I kind of enjoy going away if you can get the right environment. You’ve got to have the right fields, the right facility, the right meeting rooms and if that’s possible, I would like to go to a camp. But I’m not sure that that’s possible because you’ve got to have a quality field and you’ve got to be able to have meeting rooms. We’ll look into that and do the best thing for the Redskins.”

I think it is a good idea since the previous two training camps have been rather lacking in terms of intensity. Last year, Jim Zorn actually gave veterans the option to go home each night rather than bunk together as a team.

Zorn's poor excuse for a training camp is now gone and Shanahan will run a much tighter ship. He will expect players to unite or leave. Traveling to camp helps get things sorted out in a more discreet manner away from the prying eyes of Washingtonians.

The Redskins old facility at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa. has been mentioned, but until I saw this article, I didn't really give much thought to what a great idea this would be.

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