January 7, 2010

Shanny Presser

Here's Mike Shanahan's introductory press conference from Wednesday afternoon.

Some interesting points.

-Shanny said that he mentioned to Snyder last year that he liked Bruce Allen. Lo and behold Allen was hired last month.

I really believe this was in the works for about a year. Jim Zorn needed to make a deep play-off run to save his job. He was a dead man walking by the start of the season.

-I really like the brain trust that Snyder has put together. Both Allen and Shanny are experienced and know the west coast offense inside and out.

-I noticed in both the press conference and in the EPSN 980 interview that Shanny wasn't very gung-ho when discussing Clinton Portis.

He didn't put him down directly as a player, but he certainly didn't give him an endorsement. I sensed some subtle criticism.

-However, he praised Jason Campbell. Again no endorsement, but he overall sounded like he wanted Jason to be back.

-Shanny on who has the final say: "We (Allen and Shanahan) will work together. [I want a guy that knows] the salary cap and personnel. Bruce is that guy...Do I have the final say? Maybe you could say that...But we will work together as a team."

-"It's going to be a strong, disciplined football team, I can guarantee you that."

-How prepared is Shanny? The guy has talked to EVERYBODY it seems. His circle could be the largest in the NFL. Plus, the guy didn't really take any time off. He just learned how he could improved.

"I got a chance to study different teams, different coaches."

-Hopefully he's in this for the long haul because he would definitely make the 'Skins into perennial play-off contenders.

However, coaches don't stay here often. They either get old (Gibbs), Snyder gets tired of waiting (Turner, Schottenheimer), they realize they can't coach (Spurrier). No coach under Snyder has finished off his contract.

We all know Shanahan will develop a winner if he's given time. I don't think retirement is on the horizon either. So hopefully, Snyder stays patient and lets Shanny do his thing. This is a guy worthy of keeping around for at least the duration of his contract.

So far so good. But now it's time for day two.

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