January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

A disappointing day of divisional games. I have to say I was quite bored watching the Colts and Saints win yesterday.

So I'll just focus on the better team here and get back to Redskins coverage.

OK that wasn't even funny.

Anyway here's some rapid fire links from around the web.

Rich Tandler gives us a preview of new assistant head coach and running backs coach Bobby Turner on CSN Washington.

If you're wondering how the coaching staff is shaping up then here's a good look at it (By the way the futures of defensive backs coach, Jerry Gray, safeties coach, Steve Jackson, tight ends coach, Steve Wachenheim, and special teams coach, Danny Smith are all up in the air.)

I think that Jackson, Wachenheim, and Smith (especially Smith) will all stay. Gray, on the other hand, has received an offer from Seattle and Mike Shanahan reportedly wishes to hire Bob Slowik, who coached with Shanny in Denver, to lead the defensive backs.

Former Redskin and Bill Hall of Fame DE, Bruce Smith entered a guilty plea for driving under the influence. This is the third time he has been arrested for a DUI. The other two cases were thrown out.

Wondering about what ex-'Skins are playing in the postseason now? Well one former Redskin was booted out of the play-offs today. However, He was a big reason why the Cardinals even got this far. Here's my take on Jeremy Bridges.

Mike Waufle, the defensive line coach for the New York Giants, was fired a couple weeks back. Now there's rumors that the man who led a dominant defensive line in New York, which in turn spearheaded the Giants' Super Bowl win in 2007, could be coming to DC.

Waufle was well liked by the players. It appears that many found his firing to be a bad move.

Granted, I'm not sure if he's still in the Redskins plans as I don't believe he's been interviewed yet, but that would be a quality pickup.

And finally, a tribute to the beloved leader of the Hogs who retired this week. Congrats ona great coaching career Joe Bugel!

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