January 14, 2010

Turner Hired

Bobby Turner, who helped coach the running backs with the Broncos under Mike Shanahan, has been reunited with Shanahan in Washingon.

Turner was hired on Wednesday by the team to be an associate head coach (whatever the hell that means). His actual capacity is not yet known, but there is speculation he will coach the running backs.

All these additions are adding up to some things we can conclude.

The 3-4 we've already talked about.

As for the Turner hiring along with Kyle Shanahan taking over as offensive coordinator?

It further solidifies that Shanny is prepping to use the same offensive system he used in Denver. He wants to employ the zone-blocking scheme, and he will run a west coast offense.

Shanny knows his stuff, but his arrival means the players have new schemes to learn. How quickly they adapt bears watching. The new coaching staff is experienced in Shanahan's philosophies so that should ease the transition.

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