January 6, 2010

Zorn Out, Shanny In

This is your "no duh" news of the week.

Just because of the day and a half worth of a delay, I thought maybe Shanny was having second thoughts. Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Mike Shanahan is the Redskins new head coach.

Personally, I like the hire. Shanahan knows football and has succeeded with different types of teams.

I know he only has one play-off win since Elway, but the guy kept the Broncos in perennial play-off contention after Elway retired. He also worked with Jake Plummer to get Denver to the AFC Championship in 2005 and found what looked like was a legitimate replacement to Elway in Jay Cutler.

You have to like the fact that Shanahan knows how to build an O-line. He had a great one in place during his super bowl years and beyond. When it started to crumble, he drafted Ryan Clady who is now a premier left tackle in his second season.

Also Shanahan knows how to find WRs. He drafted Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall after the first round.

He values TEs, which is good considering the 'Skins have two. Tony Scheffler, Jeb Putzier and Shannon Sharpe all played parts in various Bronco teams throughout the year.

Not to mention, Kyle Shanahan appears to be heading over as the offensive coordinator. He also loves using the TE as displayed in Houston with Owen Daniels.

Overall, the track record says it all. The Shanahans know how to run offenses.

Shanny is also going to have a huge say in personnel matters. He was fired in Denver by Pat Bowlen largely because he refused to step down as GM. He wants to be in charge of everything.

So naturally, I expect he will determine all the personnel issues. Or at least he should.

Morocco Brown and the scouting have been praised by a lot of NFL people. They say the 'Skins have underutilized their input over the years. Shanahan hopefully won't do that. He'll most likely demand the football minds make the football decisions.

I like the persona Shanahan brings. He'll need to makes sure it rubs off the team. The Redskins have been lost in translation for two years, and it's up to Shanny to bring them around.

I know Danny wants to win quick. But he'll have to bite the bullet and expect a season or two of struggles. The team has plenty of holes, and it will take some time for Shanny to implement his offense.

Should the 'Skins surprise everyone and make the play-offs sometime in the next two years, then consider that to be gravy. I don't believe it will happen and so Snyder will have to stay patient and watch the team establish some consistency.

And I know their are naysayers out there, but if he is given FULL CONTROL, then I believe Shanahan will, at the very least, make the Redskins a play-off team.

All he needs is a little patience from the owner.

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