February 27, 2010

Weekend Roundup: Combine Edition

Offensive linemen are working out today along with tight ends. I'm pretty sure the Redskins staff will be simply watching the O-linemen.

Some of the notable workouts:

T Bruce Campbell, Maryland (4.85 40-yard dash)-Yes that's a tackle who ran it faster than any other O-lineman in history.

Tackles Trent Williams (Oklahoma) and Jared Veldheer (Hillsdale) both had good 40 times as well (4.88, 5.09 respectively).

T Russell Okung (Oklahoma State) put up the second highest reps on the 225-pound bench press with 38. G Mitch Petrus put up a record 45 reps while Campbell racked it at 34.

In Mike Shanhan's presser at the combine he addressed a number of things. Most importantly that Jason Campbell will be tendered an offer and that the defense will use both the 3-4 and the 4-3.

Three offseason mini-camps have been scheduled. Shanny isn't messing around. He means business.

The 'Skins are working on resigning LS Ethan Albright and C Casey Rabach before they hit the free agent market, which begins on March 5th.

Rabach: "Well, I definitely want to still be in Washington and I feel I can still play and help the team," Rabach said in a phone interview to Jason Reid at the Post. "It was rough at times last year [for the offensive line], but everyone kept working and kept trying to help us win games. I feel good [physically] and feel like I definitely have good years ahead of me."

Albright: "With all the changes, maybe they have their own guy. But I know I want to be with the Redskins. March 5 is the day it all gets started, so we'll see what happens here pretty soon."

Here's a look at some quotes from the O-linemen.

Great article on Mike Shanahan over at the NFC East Blog. He's by the far the most intriguing coach the Redskins have had in years.

Also over at the Beast, Clinton Portis and his latest goings-on. Shanny really hasn't shown Portis much love and doesn't again in his interview with Matt Mosley. Plus, Mosley has predicted twice that Shanny might go after LaDainian Tomlinson.

February 25, 2010

Free Agent Rundown: Karlos Dansby

Every free agent class has its crown jewel; the player that every team covets. Last year Albert Haynesworth was king of the hill when several teams offered him upwards of $100 million.

However, this year, many of the top free agents are being affected by the likelihood of an uncapped year where players with less than six years of experience are going to end up as restricted free agents rather than unrestricted.

Add to that the fact that some of the other top names have all been given the franchise tag and it makes for a rather unappealing free agent market.

However, there are still a few players that stand out in the class, one of which is linebacker Karlos Dansby formerly of the Arizona Cardinals.

Dansby is a six-year veteran who is likely to be one of the premier defensive free agents this offseason. He is expected to pursue a big payday, meaning his days in Arizona are numbered (courtesy of the Bidwells). He has mentioned the Giants, Dolphins and Redskins as possible teams of interest.

Dansby played at middle linebacker in the 3-4 this past year, but also has experience playing at outside linebacker both in the NFL and in college with Auburn. His versatility is incredible. He can play in a 3-4 as blitzing middle linebacker and a run plugger or he play either OLB position in a 4-3.

Each year, Dansby has seen an improvement in his stats. He has over 100 tackles the last two years at MLB. Previously, he was a great pass rusher off the edge when the Cardinals used the 4-3. He had a season with eight sacks in 2006, and has a career 25.5 sacks.

Dansby is more than just a solid presence. He is vocal in the locker room, explosive on the field, and is a terrific talent. He has forced 12 fumbles and picked off 10 passes in his career. Injuries aren't a concern as Dansby has missed just six games in six seasons.

Dansby is also coming from a team that has been involved in play-off runs the past two years. He played a key role in Arizona's Super Bowl run in 2008, and scored the game-winning TD off an interception in this year's overtime victory in the wild-card over the Packers.

So he knows what it takes to win. He's a playmaker and a dominant one at that. He can play any linebacker position and adjusts his game accordingly. In short, there's not a lot to complain about.

Chances of coming to DC: With the Redskins debating a switch to the 3-4, Dansby would be a fantastic acquisition for a defense that may make use of different schemes this season. The 'Skins badly need an aggressive linebacker to complement the more conservative London Fletcher and Dansby fits the bill.

It is yet to be seen if the Redskins will continue their free-spending ways under new head coach Mike Shanahan, but if they are looking to pursue an impact defensive player, they wouldn't go wrong with Dansby.

Hampton Resigns With Pittsburgh

Casey Hampton inked a three-year, $21 million contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers today, leaving the free agent market with almost no marquee names left.

This means the 'Skins will most likely use Albert Haynesworth for the nose tackle position whenever the team decides to employ a 3-4 defense in 2010.

I would imagine that defensive coordinator Jim Haslett will use both the 3-4 and 4-3 since Haynesworth doesn't want to play NT, and is actually a better 4-3 DT anyway. Plus, the linebacking situation isn't set in stone yet.

February 24, 2010

Wednesday Roundup

Does a franchise QB trump everything in the NFL draft?

ESPN's NFC East Blog has some draft tidbits for each team in the division.

The combine may showcase speed and agility, but what NFL front offices are really looking for is character and intelligence.

And of course some of the top free agent defenders all had the franchise tag slapped including Ryan Pickett and Vince Wilfork.

That leaves one nose tackle left on the market in Casey Hampton. Other players the 'Skins could target are CBs Leigh Bodden and Dunta Robinson, FS Ryan Clark and LB Karlos Dansby. I'll be profiling them later this week.

February 23, 2010

Tuesday Roundup

The 'Skins could trade down? I like the sound of that. Especially if we could snag two first rounders out of it.

Bruce Allen is really stressing the fact that Redskins are performing a thorough evaluation of the current roster before they make any moves. I wonder if this will turn out to be a quiet offseason. Either way, we need to remember that the coaching staff is going to have to get to know the team. This will take time and patience say Jason Reid from the Post.

More QB talk from the draft experts (this time Mike Mayock). Do they know something we don't? Personally, I think Shanahan likes Jason Campbell, but of course I could be wrong given the coachspeak we are always hearing.

Who else has been drafted with the number four pick? Larry Weisman gives us a history of the No. 4 selection.

Chris Cooley playing Snow Baseball? Yes he did play snow baseball in a Nats jersey.

Here's a snippet of Carlos Rogers' interview on 106.7 the Fan.

February 22, 2010

Monday Roundup

Offseason mode is in full swing. I'm trying to put together profiles for all free agents who could be courted by the Redskins. It's keeping me busy.

I need to get jumpstarted on the draft stuff as well. I'll be fleshing that out in the coming week.

Anyway, here's all the 'Skins news of note that I could find for this Monday.

Chris Samuels still hasn't made up his mind as far as retirement goes. Even if he does return (which is doubtful), the Redskins need to address the offensive line situation.

Rich Tandler got to interview George Allen the other day. Here's the transcript. (Rich will also be on Washington Post Live on Comcast Sports Net tonight at five)

A look back some Redskin WRs combine results including those Devin Thomas.

Even if Deangelo Hall isn't popular in DC, new defensive backs coach Bob Slowik loves him.

Avoid Taylor Mays, aka LaRon Landry Jr., at all costs. Eric Berry wouldn't be so bad, but we all know Russell Okung is most likely the best choice.

Should the Shanaclan go with a QB at No.4, I will accept their judgment. But that doesn't mean I'll like it.

Here's a look at the top five tackles at the combine this weekend. (Okung and Charles Brown are two solid options for the zone blocking scheme).

Gano vs. Medlock. The premier position battle this training camp! OK so the placekicking battle won't be exciting.

Rich Campbell has a good talk with Mel Kiper Jr. focusing on the tackles in the draft.

Free Agent Rundown: Ryan Pickett

With Vince Wilfork off the market (barring a team offering him truckloads of cash while giving up two first round picks), one final nose tackle worth looking at is Green Bay's Ryan Pickett.

Pickett is the biggest nose tackle in the market at 6-2, 340 pounds. He is coming off his first year in a 3-4 defense with the Packers.

Dom Capers engineered the transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4 in Green Bay with solid results. Green Bay finished at number two in total defense, and first against the run.

Green Bay did struggle against high-powered passing offenses like Pittsburgh and Arizona, but the run defense was solid for most of the year, surrendering just 83.3 YPG. Pickett was a big reason for the success along with a rotation at nose tackle that included first-round pick BJ Raji.

Pickett is a nine-year veteran who can play in the 4-3 or the 3-4. He only started nine game last year in the 3-4 and missed three games due to injury. Obviously, this will raise questions as to whether Pickett can take a full season starting at nose tackle.

However, given that the 'Skins will likely split time between the 4-3 and 3-4 this year, Pickett could be a great addition. He could play nose tackle in the 3-4, and provide quality depth at defensive tackle in the 4-3.

Pickett is the most affordable option at nose tackle. He doesn't have the star power of a Vince Wilfork or a Casey Hampton nor does he have their abilities. However, he is still an impact player who can create space for run pluggers like London Fletcher.

Like Hampton, Pickett could receive the franchise tag. The Packers want to resign him and Pickett has expressed a desire to remain with the team so it's likely he'll never hit the market, yet the deadline for applying the franchise tag is just three days away (Feb. 25th) and the Packers aren't a big spending team.

Chances of coming to Washington: Not good simply because it seems Pickett will end up staying in Wisconsin. Should he hit the market, he's a great fit for the Redskins because of his versatility. He's also an affordable option in comparison to Hampton.

Wilfork Franchised

Well scratch Vince Wilfork off the list of free agents this year.

Wilfork received the franchise tag from the New England Patriots today. He will receive over seven million bucks to lace them up this year.

We'll see how Wilfork responds to the tag. He said the franchise tag would be "a slap in the face."

February 21, 2010

Free Agent Rundown: Casey Hampton

Finding a solid nose tackle is priority number one for the Washington Redskins if they are to make the transition to the 3-4 defense.

Vince Wilfork is of course the best option in the free agent market, but there are several other top nose tackles available this year.

Second on the list is the Pittsburgh Steelers' Casey Hampton. Hampton is aging as he is preparing to enter his ninth season, but he possesses the size (6-1, 325) and experience to play nose tackle.

In Pittsburgh, Hampton played primarily in the 3-4 under defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. LeBeau used a plethora of packages that mixed up the number of down linemen at the point of attack. So Hampton is used to playing in a number of different situations and formations.

Just to give you an idea of what the Steelers do with Hampton, consider this. Pittsburgh uses combinations including one, two and three down linemen. Hampton knows how to play as the only down linemen or as a nose tackle in a 3-4. He knows his role and that is to eat space in the middle.

Hampton has stayed relatively healthy over his career. He has missed at least one game in four of his nine seasons. Out of a possible 144 regular season games, Hampton has missed 15 games (roughly 10%). Compare that to Albert Haynesworth who has missed 26 games out of a possible 128 (roughly 20%).

Hampton would most likely command a salary just below what Wilfork demands. He isn't quite as good as Wilfork and he's about three seasons older. Pittsburgh is expected to franchise him, but as of now Hampton is due to be an unrestricted free agent and he has stated he doesn't want the franchise tag placed on him.

Chances of Signing with the 'Skins: If this rumored 3-4 switch is true, then the 'Skins needs a nose tackle. Wilfork or Hampton would both be great, but expensive options. If the 3-4 becomes a reality, expect the 'Skins to pursue at least one of the top nose tackles in free agency. Should Hampton avoid being tagged and can't agree to a long-term deal in Pittsburgh, he could be the guy the 'Skins will target.

Weekend Roundup

Make that two Redskins who have been arrested for DUIs this offseason. CB Byron Westbrook joins G Chad Rinehart in AA.

RB coach Bobby Turner thinks Clinton Portis still has plenty left in the tank. Whether he does or not, he'll most likely be back.

Here's my 2009 All-NFC East Team. Unfortunately, it played out as a Dallas Cowboys all-star team with a few Eagles, Giants and 'Skins.

Jason Campbell is still preparing as if he's the Redskins starting QB. The interview is classic JC. He stays upbeat and says he wants to stay. I hope he does.

I'm intrigued at the prospect of the 'Skins selecting a late round RB. There are a few who I think could be special. So does Rich Tandler.

Jim Haslett says the Redskins defense will be aggressive this year. Anything would be more aggressive than last year, but at least he's saying the right things (Note to Haslett: Please no more 20-yard cushions in the secondary).

February 20, 2010

Free Agent Rundown: Vince Wilfork

With the Redskins looking at a possible switch to the 3-4 defense, and also attempting to rebuild a depleted offensive line, the free agent market will again be heavily scrutinized by the front office in DC.

The top priorities on the list include a big nose tackle should the team indeed make a switch to the 3-4. Secondly, the team will need another MLB and possibly an OLB who can cover.

That doesn't even include the secondary. The team will need to address depth at corner and also try to find a free safety to complement their 22 (OK actually three) strong safeties.

CBS gives a good look at the top free agents getting ready to hit the market in a recent article.

What's interesting is that of course many of the top names in free agency will be restricted due to the imminent expiration of the CBA in the next few weeks.

However, one of the unrestricted names on the market is New England's big nose tackle Vince Wilfork.

Obviously, the Redskins will consider him if they are actually planning to go to the 3-4. Wilfork is one of the better nose tackles in the game, and he still has plenty of seasons left. The 'Skins would salivate at the prospect of having him anchoring the middle to free up space for London Fletcher.

However, the catch is that Wilfork would cost a fortune. He will command some big money, and playing next to Albert Haynesworth, he will probably want something within the ballpark that Haynesworth is in.

And to top it off, the Patriots will most likely do anything to keep him including slapping the franchise tag on him.

The Redskins would have to be considering a complete switch to the 3-4 if they were to pursue Wilfork. Either way it's a longshot due to the cost, but if Haynesworth balks at the idea of playing nose tackle, then it should be an option.

February 16, 2010

Tuesday Round-up

The first good sign from the Shanahan hire. He gets involved with player personnel quickly. Malcolm Kelly gives us a rundown of his meeting with Shanny.

On a side note, Kelly has been a huge disappointment in my eyes. He hasn't received a ton of opportunities, but he really hasn't made the most of the ones he's been given. He's lacks a burst and gets no separation from defenders.

I like Devin Thomas for the number two WR slot next year.

Some new additions on the Redskins staff.

Well, we hate Shaun Suisham here in DC, but it got Kevin from Hogs Haven into plenty of Super Bowl parties in Miami. Read about the Shaun Suisham Experiment right here.

My buddy JW Nix knows his football history. And he respects the game more than just about anyone. So he didn't like it when he heard Roger Goodell wanted to rid the NFL of the three-point stance. Neither do I.

Karlos Dansby listed the Redskins as one of the top teams he'd like to go to this year. He would be a decent fit in the 3-4 alongside London Fletcher.

Dansby's numbers are definitely solid. The six-year veteran has 10 INTs, 26 sacks, 12 forced fumbles and 549 tackles. In comparison, Fletcher is a 12-year vet with 15 INTs, 30 sacks, 12 FFs, and 1060 tackles.

I believe Dansby played OLB until the Cardinals switched to a 3-4. That would explain why he has greater playmaking numbers than Fletcher.

Here's another look at Dansby from ESPN (take note: "From what I've heard, Giants general manager Jerry Reese and new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell have immense respect for Dansby. But with the unpredictability of the looming uncapped season and potential 2011 lockout, no one really wants to set the market in free agency. Unfortunately for Dansby, it appears that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will hold Dan Snyder in check. There are players on the Redskins' roster who would love to see Dansby in burgundy and gold. Just look at the roster and see who played at Auburn").

February 15, 2010

Monday Round-up

Well it was quite the weekend. I had a hell of a time Saturday night, flipping between the Caps, the speedskating finals, and of course the NBA All-Star festivities.

And all three were disappointments.

Apollo Ohno scored a silver thanks to some greedy South Koreans, the Caps managed to lose in a shootout and of course the Dunk contest was a washout. So much for my hard work with the remote.

Anyway, here's what's been going down on the web this weekend.

Darrell Green (my favorite athlete ever) ran a 4.43 40-yard dash today. Oh, and today happened to be his 50th birthday.

The 'Skins signed Justin Medlock to compete with Graham Gano for the placekicking job. Medlock is a left-footed kicker from UCLA who spent last year in the CFL.

Donte Whitner? The guy who the Bills reached for with their No. 8 pick in the first round in 2006 (and benched in 2008); he's coming to DC? That's what Hogs Haven says (however, Whitner still has a year left on his contract, and isn't worth trading for).

The National Football Post's Matt Bowen (a former Redskins' safety) thinks Jason Campbell deserves another shot as the starter (even if the 'Skins draft a QB, which he thinks wouldn't be a bad move).

And Rich Tandler might dislike the free agency rumors that always surround the Redskins, but they keep on popping up (this time it's Whitner and Karlos Dansby).

February 12, 2010

Breaking News: 'Skins Hire Strength and Conditioning Coach

The Washington Redskins have hired Ray Wright to be the team's new strength and conditioning coach.

Wright held the same position with the Houston Texans last year, and worked with several coaches who were hired to Mike Shanahan's staff, including Shanahan's son Kyle.

Wright was mentored by the legendary Dan Riley who was the strength and conditioning coach with the Redskins during Joe Gibbs' first tenure with the 'Skins.

Riley was in Houston with Charley Casserly, and for seven years Wright worked under Riley.

Here's what Wright brought to the table in Houston (courtesy of the official Redskins Blog):

• A focus on muscle isolation instead of just gaining strength to stay healthy
• A concept called muscle confusion
• A re-designed weight room with more free weight stations and fewer machines
• A focus on football movements
• Yoga and Jiu Jitsu classes to increase flexibility
• A change in warm up routines

Mike Shanahan made the following statement in a press release:

"The position of strength and conditioning coach demands a combination of youth and experience, and Ray delivers on both of those. He has had learned from some of the best in the business, and he has incorporated their teachings into his own philosophies. We expect him to bring out the most from our players, starting with their offseason conditioning and continuing through the entire season."

Bill Romanowski had been rumored as the leading candidate for the job and even reported scoring an interview via his twitter feed. However, I'm sure his previous involvement in steroid rings hurt his chances.

Hopefully, the 'Skins were never serious about signing the guy because it would have looked bad for the organization.

Friday Roundup

So the LaVar vs. CP story is a hot one. Yahoo Sports wrote a piece on it on Tuesday.

Leslie Visser from CBSSports offers us a look at the Redskins' Super Bowl odds for next year (they aren't good).

Is Steve Young a top five QB of all time? Bryn Swartz from Bleacher Report thinks he's second only to his teammate Joe Montana (and his argument is convincing).

Offensive line or QB? Rich Tandler says it might be a mistake to take a QB until the second round (Personally, I don't want Washington to even think about drafting a QB).

Antonio Pierce is out in New York. The Giants defense has fallen far since their Super Bowl success in 2007.

Ex-Sooner Malcolm Kelly wouldn't mind playing with Sam Bradford again.

February 11, 2010

Mocking The Draft In DC

Well it's that time of year where yours truly makes his rounds on the mock draft circuit.

First up, it's a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Mock Draft where Eric Holmberg, Ed Sheahin and myself decided to go with Russell Okung at number four. The previous three picks were Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry.

The only other player we debated taking was Sam Bradford if you were wondering.

Really, there's many schools of thought as to how the 'Skins are going to draft. Last year, it was pretty cut and dry. The 'Skins wanted Brian Orakpo and they took him at No. 13. Sure there was the drama surrounding Sanchez, but we all knew the asking price was too high.

This year, the 'Skins have a lot of needs. They need depth at cornerback; they need a reliable free safety; they need a strong side linebacker; they need offensive linemen; they need another running back; and some feel they need a quarterback.

Really, I don't see how the Redskins are going to be better than 8-8 next year. Anyway you look at it, the team needs a lot more pieces.

Good coaching will help matters, but in the end Mike Shanahan needs to have the right players running his schemes. This will all take time. Hopefully, everyone in DC will come to realize that.

So here's the most likely scenarios for this year draft:

1. Redskins Address the Offensive Line

Let's face it. Everything starts up front. Good teams win behind a consistent offensive line. The Redskins don't have one. So they go with Okung to protect Jason Campbell's blindside.

2. Redskins Take a QB

Bradford is tempting. He is accurate and has the prototypical build. He has the accolades and the star power. But he also has a bum shoulder that raises a red flag.

Jimmy Clausen was in a pro style offense and succeeded, but he might not be worth a top five selection.

Plus, Campbell really stepped his game up last and won respect from his teammates for his toughness during adverse situations (which basically comprised the entire 2009 season). Taking into account Campbell's improvement, the Redskins might be wise to build around him.

In the least, Campbell can be a bridge-the-gap QB until the 'Skins have established themselves in the trenches.

3. Take Eric Berry

Berry will probably be scooped up by Detroit or Tampa Bay, but should he fall the 'Skins have a tough decision to make.

Berry is easily top three talent in this year's draft. The Redskins need a reliable free safety now that the Laron Landry experiment is going south. However, is Berry good enough to make the Redskins take him when they have other, more pressing needs?

4. Trade Down

If Okung is gone by number four, the Redskins may decide they need to make the most of it and acquire more picks.

San Francisco and Seattle both have two first rounders and could be looking to trade. Denver might also be interested in moving up to make a play for a QB. The Redskins could trade back, take a Trent Williams or Brian Bulaga and come away with extra picks.

Those are the obvious scenarios for the first round. I'll be breaking down what the 'Skins should be doing in the later rounds this weekend.

February 10, 2010

'Skins Links for Wednesday

The NFL offseason is in full swing already. Here's what I've been reading.

Bill Romanowski to provide strength and conditioning (and steroids) for the Redskins?

Matt Terl gives us a great interview with David Elfin, the man who argued Russ Grimm's case at the Hall of Fame voting on Saturday.

Rich Tandler gives us a little offseason preview in an offseason that the Redskins have already dominated.

Grimmy is in, but what other 'Skins should be making the Hall soon? (To me Hanburger needs to make it and soon).

Matt Mosley gives us his take on the CP vs. LaVar incident.

More to come...

February 9, 2010

Portis vs. LaVar

Clinton Portis and LaVar Arrington each have big egos.

And they clearly don't like each other.

Arrington has a big microphone in front of him at 106.7 The Fan. He has teamed up with Chad Dukes to give us our daily dose of Redskins news every afternoon. Arrington is a still a popular figure in DC and he has a big audience across the Metro area.

He rips the Redskins right and left, but seriously, who doesn't these days. Even the Snyder-owned ESPN 980 does that.

Anyway, Portis also has a big audience. He's a star for the Washington Redskins and will speak to anything resembling a microphone. Seeing as he's a star, people will listen.

Portis sounded off into a microphone last week on NFL Network, saying that his arrival in DC in 2004 led to LaVar's departure after the 2005 season.

"And coming to D.C., it was like all of the sudden in D.C., some of the players feel like it was a money situation, who getting the money is a captain," Portis said. "LaVar Arrington was the man in D.C. when I arrived, and all of the sudden LaVar felt like it was competition, and he left D.C. He didn't want to be in D.C. any more. He gave back $15, 20 million to leave D.C., because he felt like he wasn't the main money guy, because everybody was getting [paid]. Laveranues [Coles], myself, Deion was still getting paid, so he even had input. So I think it was just the wrong attitude, and I think for some of the beliefs that was funneled through, it was like whoever gets the money was the captain."

So there was obviously an in-house leadership issue going on between LaVar and Portis. CP did emerge as the face of the 'Skins in 2005 just as Arrington was beginning to fall out of favor.

To sum up the quote, Portis essentially said that LaVar couldn't handle the competition and left.

LaVar's ego didn't take kindly to that. On Monday, he ripped Portis a new one on his show.

Dan Steinberg from the DC Sports Bog has the audio and transcripts right here. Trust me listen to the audio. LaVar was genuinely pissed off. VERY pissed off, in fact.

He questions Portis' heart and dedication to the Redskins while defending himself as a team player. And he makes a compelling case.

I was never a huge LaVar fan, but after listening to the audio and hearing the respect he had for some of the Redskins from 10 years back, I'm finding myself liking him a bit more.

As for CP, his leash has to be getting shorter. He has put his foot in his mouth numerous times since he's been in Washington. Since the end of the 2009 season alone, he has trashed Jason Campbell and dissed a fan favorite in Arrington.

His poor play isn't giving him a free pass either. In the past, Portis was too good to reprimand. Now, coming off a season and a half of injuries and a lack of production, he's becoming expendable. Should be interesting to see how Mike Shanahan deals with him this offseason.

Odds are it won't be pretty.

Grimm Is Canton Bound

Russ Grimm was voted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday, making him the first Hog to ever be elected into the NFL's house of greats in Canton.

This is a big deal. In fact, it's a huge deal. The Hogs are revered around here, but no one outside of DC truly remembers how instrumental the Hogs were to the 'Skins winning three Super Bowls.

Without them, Joe Gibbs doesn't win three Super Bowls with three different starting QBs. The Hogs were that good. So it's a thrill to see Grimm receive this recognition.

But how in the world did Grimmy make the Hall of Fame this year?

There were four WRs who were Hall of Fame worthy this year. Andre Reed, Chris Carter and Tim Brown all didn't make it. Jerry Rice did.

Emmitt Smith was an obvious lock, seeing as he is the NFL's all-time leading rusher. Shannon Sharpe was expected to make as arguably the greatest receiving TE in NFL history. Ray Guy was a popular sleeper. Aeneas Williams was a top CB in the '90s, and John Randle was one of the most dominant defensive linemen during that time as well.

I'm going to presume that the votes got split up between the four WRs, making it easier for Grimm to get in alongside shoo-ins like Rice and Emmitt Smith. Sharpe surprisingly didn't make it, and the surge for Guy fell short. Hence, Grimm is Canton bound.

Grimm certainly deserved to make it. He has been eligible for four years, and now he's finally home.

February 3, 2010

Super Sunday Quick Hits

Well I apologize for lambasting the Pro Bowl so badly last week. The game was a record setter according to an Adam Schefter retweet. "The 12.3 million viewers for last nite's Pro Bowl marks the largest viewership for any All-Star game ever on cable television."

Well 12.3 million people somehow found the Pro Bowl captivating enough to watch. I, for one, did not. I know the final score and that Matt Schaub was the MVP (did you know his QBs coach in Houston is now with the 'Skins??? Ok I've made it quite clear that I'm excited about landing Matt LaFleur).

Here's a positive review of the Pro Bowl from Sports of Boston.

Anyway, I guess the NFL might continue to make the Pro Bowl a game leading up to the Super Bowl. I just wish that it wasn't the Scrub Bowl.

The Redskins are receiving good representation down in Miami from Chris Cooley. Cooley joined forces with Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco this week to report on the Super Bowl with Ochocinco's OCNN news team. It's a sort of gimmick Twitter stunt where several NFL players all act as members of the media during Super Bowl week.

Cooley, Ray Rice, and Darnell Dockett all joined Ochocinco this week to cover the Super Bowl, and needless to say, it's been quite humorous. Here's OCNN's Twitter feed. Check it out because you will laugh.

Meanwhile, Cooley interviewed with Redskins Insider and praised DC, saying he's not going anywhere despite all the trade rumors.

"I think there's been a lot of trade rumors around D.C. - not necessarily around Redskins Park - but just D.C. and talk radio. It's nonsense," Cooley said. "It's awkward for me because since I've been here, I've had nothing but great things said about me from our fans. I've worked real hard to become what I've become. So it's tough when
someone says, 'We need linemen, who can we trade? Let's trade Chris.' It's like, come on...

"[Washington] is a place I want to spend my whole career. I don't have any intention of ever leaving."

Cooley was very underutilized in Jim Zorn's system. Zorn seemingly forgot about him in the red zone, and aside from a few possession every couple of games, Cooley was hardly looked to in the passing game.

Cooley is one of the best at reading coverages and settling into holes in the secondary. He moves the chains and works hard. It would be a huge mistake to move him.

Rich Tandler gives us a good nugget on Jim Haslett over at Real Redskins. Haslett was quoted in a radio interview saying this about the Redskins' QB situation, “I think they’ll keep Jason and maybe bring in another veteran to compete with him.”

That's not the usual coachspeak where we hear an open-ended answer. It sounds like Jason Campbell is going to get another shot as the starting QB, provided Mike Shanahan likes what he see this offseason.

And finally I have to give a shout out to the Washington Capitals for their franchise record, eleven game winning streak. I usually keep it to football on here, but I have been following the Caps closely since the mid-nineties and this is an exciting time for them at the moment.