February 20, 2010

Free Agent Rundown: Vince Wilfork

With the Redskins looking at a possible switch to the 3-4 defense, and also attempting to rebuild a depleted offensive line, the free agent market will again be heavily scrutinized by the front office in DC.

The top priorities on the list include a big nose tackle should the team indeed make a switch to the 3-4. Secondly, the team will need another MLB and possibly an OLB who can cover.

That doesn't even include the secondary. The team will need to address depth at corner and also try to find a free safety to complement their 22 (OK actually three) strong safeties.

CBS gives a good look at the top free agents getting ready to hit the market in a recent article.

What's interesting is that of course many of the top names in free agency will be restricted due to the imminent expiration of the CBA in the next few weeks.

However, one of the unrestricted names on the market is New England's big nose tackle Vince Wilfork.

Obviously, the Redskins will consider him if they are actually planning to go to the 3-4. Wilfork is one of the better nose tackles in the game, and he still has plenty of seasons left. The 'Skins would salivate at the prospect of having him anchoring the middle to free up space for London Fletcher.

However, the catch is that Wilfork would cost a fortune. He will command some big money, and playing next to Albert Haynesworth, he will probably want something within the ballpark that Haynesworth is in.

And to top it off, the Patriots will most likely do anything to keep him including slapping the franchise tag on him.

The Redskins would have to be considering a complete switch to the 3-4 if they were to pursue Wilfork. Either way it's a longshot due to the cost, but if Haynesworth balks at the idea of playing nose tackle, then it should be an option.

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