February 9, 2010

Grimm Is Canton Bound

Russ Grimm was voted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday, making him the first Hog to ever be elected into the NFL's house of greats in Canton.

This is a big deal. In fact, it's a huge deal. The Hogs are revered around here, but no one outside of DC truly remembers how instrumental the Hogs were to the 'Skins winning three Super Bowls.

Without them, Joe Gibbs doesn't win three Super Bowls with three different starting QBs. The Hogs were that good. So it's a thrill to see Grimm receive this recognition.

But how in the world did Grimmy make the Hall of Fame this year?

There were four WRs who were Hall of Fame worthy this year. Andre Reed, Chris Carter and Tim Brown all didn't make it. Jerry Rice did.

Emmitt Smith was an obvious lock, seeing as he is the NFL's all-time leading rusher. Shannon Sharpe was expected to make as arguably the greatest receiving TE in NFL history. Ray Guy was a popular sleeper. Aeneas Williams was a top CB in the '90s, and John Randle was one of the most dominant defensive linemen during that time as well.

I'm going to presume that the votes got split up between the four WRs, making it easier for Grimm to get in alongside shoo-ins like Rice and Emmitt Smith. Sharpe surprisingly didn't make it, and the surge for Guy fell short. Hence, Grimm is Canton bound.

Grimm certainly deserved to make it. He has been eligible for four years, and now he's finally home.

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