February 11, 2010

Mocking The Draft In DC

Well it's that time of year where yours truly makes his rounds on the mock draft circuit.

First up, it's a Bleacher Report Featured Columnist Mock Draft where Eric Holmberg, Ed Sheahin and myself decided to go with Russell Okung at number four. The previous three picks were Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy and Eric Berry.

The only other player we debated taking was Sam Bradford if you were wondering.

Really, there's many schools of thought as to how the 'Skins are going to draft. Last year, it was pretty cut and dry. The 'Skins wanted Brian Orakpo and they took him at No. 13. Sure there was the drama surrounding Sanchez, but we all knew the asking price was too high.

This year, the 'Skins have a lot of needs. They need depth at cornerback; they need a reliable free safety; they need a strong side linebacker; they need offensive linemen; they need another running back; and some feel they need a quarterback.

Really, I don't see how the Redskins are going to be better than 8-8 next year. Anyway you look at it, the team needs a lot more pieces.

Good coaching will help matters, but in the end Mike Shanahan needs to have the right players running his schemes. This will all take time. Hopefully, everyone in DC will come to realize that.

So here's the most likely scenarios for this year draft:

1. Redskins Address the Offensive Line

Let's face it. Everything starts up front. Good teams win behind a consistent offensive line. The Redskins don't have one. So they go with Okung to protect Jason Campbell's blindside.

2. Redskins Take a QB

Bradford is tempting. He is accurate and has the prototypical build. He has the accolades and the star power. But he also has a bum shoulder that raises a red flag.

Jimmy Clausen was in a pro style offense and succeeded, but he might not be worth a top five selection.

Plus, Campbell really stepped his game up last and won respect from his teammates for his toughness during adverse situations (which basically comprised the entire 2009 season). Taking into account Campbell's improvement, the Redskins might be wise to build around him.

In the least, Campbell can be a bridge-the-gap QB until the 'Skins have established themselves in the trenches.

3. Take Eric Berry

Berry will probably be scooped up by Detroit or Tampa Bay, but should he fall the 'Skins have a tough decision to make.

Berry is easily top three talent in this year's draft. The Redskins need a reliable free safety now that the Laron Landry experiment is going south. However, is Berry good enough to make the Redskins take him when they have other, more pressing needs?

4. Trade Down

If Okung is gone by number four, the Redskins may decide they need to make the most of it and acquire more picks.

San Francisco and Seattle both have two first rounders and could be looking to trade. Denver might also be interested in moving up to make a play for a QB. The Redskins could trade back, take a Trent Williams or Brian Bulaga and come away with extra picks.

Those are the obvious scenarios for the first round. I'll be breaking down what the 'Skins should be doing in the later rounds this weekend.

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