February 3, 2010

Super Sunday Quick Hits

Well I apologize for lambasting the Pro Bowl so badly last week. The game was a record setter according to an Adam Schefter retweet. "The 12.3 million viewers for last nite's Pro Bowl marks the largest viewership for any All-Star game ever on cable television."

Well 12.3 million people somehow found the Pro Bowl captivating enough to watch. I, for one, did not. I know the final score and that Matt Schaub was the MVP (did you know his QBs coach in Houston is now with the 'Skins??? Ok I've made it quite clear that I'm excited about landing Matt LaFleur).

Here's a positive review of the Pro Bowl from Sports of Boston.

Anyway, I guess the NFL might continue to make the Pro Bowl a game leading up to the Super Bowl. I just wish that it wasn't the Scrub Bowl.

The Redskins are receiving good representation down in Miami from Chris Cooley. Cooley joined forces with Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco this week to report on the Super Bowl with Ochocinco's OCNN news team. It's a sort of gimmick Twitter stunt where several NFL players all act as members of the media during Super Bowl week.

Cooley, Ray Rice, and Darnell Dockett all joined Ochocinco this week to cover the Super Bowl, and needless to say, it's been quite humorous. Here's OCNN's Twitter feed. Check it out because you will laugh.

Meanwhile, Cooley interviewed with Redskins Insider and praised DC, saying he's not going anywhere despite all the trade rumors.

"I think there's been a lot of trade rumors around D.C. - not necessarily around Redskins Park - but just D.C. and talk radio. It's nonsense," Cooley said. "It's awkward for me because since I've been here, I've had nothing but great things said about me from our fans. I've worked real hard to become what I've become. So it's tough when
someone says, 'We need linemen, who can we trade? Let's trade Chris.' It's like, come on...

"[Washington] is a place I want to spend my whole career. I don't have any intention of ever leaving."

Cooley was very underutilized in Jim Zorn's system. Zorn seemingly forgot about him in the red zone, and aside from a few possession every couple of games, Cooley was hardly looked to in the passing game.

Cooley is one of the best at reading coverages and settling into holes in the secondary. He moves the chains and works hard. It would be a huge mistake to move him.

Rich Tandler gives us a good nugget on Jim Haslett over at Real Redskins. Haslett was quoted in a radio interview saying this about the Redskins' QB situation, “I think they’ll keep Jason and maybe bring in another veteran to compete with him.”

That's not the usual coachspeak where we hear an open-ended answer. It sounds like Jason Campbell is going to get another shot as the starting QB, provided Mike Shanahan likes what he see this offseason.

And finally I have to give a shout out to the Washington Capitals for their franchise record, eleven game winning streak. I usually keep it to football on here, but I have been following the Caps closely since the mid-nineties and this is an exciting time for them at the moment.

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