February 16, 2010

Tuesday Round-up

The first good sign from the Shanahan hire. He gets involved with player personnel quickly. Malcolm Kelly gives us a rundown of his meeting with Shanny.

On a side note, Kelly has been a huge disappointment in my eyes. He hasn't received a ton of opportunities, but he really hasn't made the most of the ones he's been given. He's lacks a burst and gets no separation from defenders.

I like Devin Thomas for the number two WR slot next year.

Some new additions on the Redskins staff.

Well, we hate Shaun Suisham here in DC, but it got Kevin from Hogs Haven into plenty of Super Bowl parties in Miami. Read about the Shaun Suisham Experiment right here.

My buddy JW Nix knows his football history. And he respects the game more than just about anyone. So he didn't like it when he heard Roger Goodell wanted to rid the NFL of the three-point stance. Neither do I.

Karlos Dansby listed the Redskins as one of the top teams he'd like to go to this year. He would be a decent fit in the 3-4 alongside London Fletcher.

Dansby's numbers are definitely solid. The six-year veteran has 10 INTs, 26 sacks, 12 forced fumbles and 549 tackles. In comparison, Fletcher is a 12-year vet with 15 INTs, 30 sacks, 12 FFs, and 1060 tackles.

I believe Dansby played OLB until the Cardinals switched to a 3-4. That would explain why he has greater playmaking numbers than Fletcher.

Here's another look at Dansby from ESPN (take note: "From what I've heard, Giants general manager Jerry Reese and new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell have immense respect for Dansby. But with the unpredictability of the looming uncapped season and potential 2011 lockout, no one really wants to set the market in free agency. Unfortunately for Dansby, it appears that Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen will hold Dan Snyder in check. There are players on the Redskins' roster who would love to see Dansby in burgundy and gold. Just look at the roster and see who played at Auburn").

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