February 21, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Make that two Redskins who have been arrested for DUIs this offseason. CB Byron Westbrook joins G Chad Rinehart in AA.

RB coach Bobby Turner thinks Clinton Portis still has plenty left in the tank. Whether he does or not, he'll most likely be back.

Here's my 2009 All-NFC East Team. Unfortunately, it played out as a Dallas Cowboys all-star team with a few Eagles, Giants and 'Skins.

Jason Campbell is still preparing as if he's the Redskins starting QB. The interview is classic JC. He stays upbeat and says he wants to stay. I hope he does.

I'm intrigued at the prospect of the 'Skins selecting a late round RB. There are a few who I think could be special. So does Rich Tandler.

Jim Haslett says the Redskins defense will be aggressive this year. Anything would be more aggressive than last year, but at least he's saying the right things (Note to Haslett: Please no more 20-yard cushions in the secondary).

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