March 29, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry about the delay between posts. It's been an interesting two weeks in which my computer died and studying for tests took first priority.

Now back to business.

First off, today is the highly anticipated Pro Day of star QB Sam Bradford. Should he wow scouts, he will be the number one pick in this year's draft (even if he doesn't he probably will).

Meanwhile check out Jimmy Clausen. And Tim Tebow.

Chris Wilson was tendered earlier this week with a second rounder. He'll be key in the new 3-4 defense (by the way congrats to former Washington Times writer Ryan O'Halloran on landing a new gig with CSN Washington).

Brian Orakpo talked about Albert Haynesworth and the team's new strength and conditioning program.

This might be the most interesting news in the past week. Mike Shanahan has taken in slow in the free agent market, but could end up going all in for a stud WR like TO or Brandon Marshall?

And Rich Tandler has the top five Redskins most likely to improve.

This week, I'll be writing on Tim Tebow and some other draft options. Plus, I'll be linking a free agent review from Sports Fan Live that I'm working on.

Stay tuned.

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