March 12, 2010

Friday Roundup: Larry Johnson or Willie Parker

Well Willie Parker has yet to sign a deal with the Redskins, but is still on the market. He and Larry Johnson are the two backs available that the Redskins have targeted.

I prefer Parker. He's a good change-of-pace back to Clinton Portis. A little more burst than Johnson. He would probably be better with limited touches than LJ as well.

Certain backs can do better with 10-15 touches than others. Johnson is a workhorse back who needs to carry it over 20 times to really heat up. Ladell Betts was the same way. I would bet that Parker is the best back on the market to play in a reserve role.

However, it seems that the 'Skins want Johnson. Thom Loverro doesn't.

Carlos Rogers will attend offseason workouts despite his recent frustration with the organization.

The turmoil in the Jim Zorn era really turned off a ton of players, and Mike Shanahan is now trying to change the atmosphere so that players will come to work without distractions. Rogers is more at peace now, but a trade is still possible.

Of course the draft is still a big deal here in DC. Russell Okung, Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford have been the names most thrown around, but now it's looking like Okung and Bradford might go before the number four pick (Okung to the Lions and Bradford to the Rams).

Bradford's extra 20 pounds of muscle that he showed off at the combine reportedly got the Rams rethinking what to do with the first overall pick.

Meanwhile, I found it odd that Okung's name hasn't been thrown around more in Detroit. After all, they need a left tackle to protect last year's No. 1 pick, Drew Stafford.

Homer McFanboy has a fantastic interview with Andre Carter. I'm hoping for the best for Carter, who is a top-notch individual.

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