March 4, 2010

Thursday Roundup: Tendered

Carlos Rogers received a first-round tender yesterday and he's not happy about it. Chris Wilson joined him at a second-round tender.

That leaves just DT/OLB Lorenzo Alexander (negotiating an extension), OL Will Montgomery, and DT Anthony Montgomery.

With Rogers and Rocky McIntosh upset, it's likely Jason Campbell isn't happy either with the Redskins halfhearted tender. So could trades be on the horizon?

Chris Samuels is announcing his retirement today at Redskins Park in Ashburn. I'll be doing a writeup on that later today or tomorrow.

QB or not QB? The No. 4 pick is a huge deal for Mike Shanahan or at least I think so.

Great little bit here on the ESPN 980 blog. The Redskins haven't established a culture that breeds winners. Signing a bunch of high-profile free agents won't change that culture.

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