March 29, 2010

Tim Tebow: High Risk-High Reward

Recent rumors have linked the Washington Redskins to NFL draft prospect Tim Tebow.

Of course, with the rumors has come plenty of speculation as to what the Redskins drafting Tebow would mean for the franchise.

Needless to say, the glamor surrounding Tebow has only increased as the draft approaches. The team who selects Tebow will be hounded by reporters for days as the sports world tries in vain to discover what their plans are for Tebow's career.

Tebow is an average guy in terms of his appearance and personality. He expresses himself well, but doesn't tower over everyone else in the room. He is genuinely friendly and outgoing and stays out of controversy for the most part (with the exception of his Super Bowl ad this past year).

So what makes Tebow such a magnet for a hailstorm of interviews and paparazzi?

For one he is a dramatic player. Tebow has done great things on the football field. He has won two national championships, a Heisman trophy and the love of half the state of Florida.

Tebow's leadership skills are undeniable. He tries to be involved in every aspect of the game while keeping teammates prepared and fired up. No one could forget his guarantee after losing to Ole Miss or his pep talk to the special teams unit in the national championship vs. Oklahoma.

Tebow returned for his senior season with the Gators in 2009 despite coming off his Heisman year and a national title. He didn't necessarily have to stay in college, but he did. Gator fans swooned.

Last year, Tebow came up short in his effort to win back-to-back titles, but he did continue his impressive play. After losing in the SEC title game to eventual national champion Alabama, Tebow wept and Gator nation wept along with him.

It's those endearing qualities of passion and loyalty that led the nation to embrace Tebow. For those that questioned how real those qualities were, they need only look at Tebow's off-field exploits.

Tebow organized and went on mission trips to the Philippines to bring aid to impoverished areas. He is outspoken in the Christian community, and isn't afraid to reveal his personal beliefs to the world.

Tebow has remained true to himself throughout his rise to stardom. He has repeatedly held that he will save himself for marriage. Not all agree with his belief, but it is commendable that he has stood his ground in what he holds dear.

Tebow has also avoided the thuggish behavior that permeates through nearly every team in college football. Not once has he been associated with drunkenness, assault, or any other such crime.

To come by a star with such a golden image is rare, but thus far Tebow has managed to avoid the major sins that usually come with his profession. That is a huge plus for his life and career in the NFL.

This is only scratching the surface of Tebow's dynamic personality, but it is enough to realize that for at least another year, Tebow will be the biggest thing in football.

Whether it will last beyond that is another question.

To Be Continued.

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