March 13, 2010

Weekend Roundup: LJ Comes to Washington

RB Larry Johnson has officially signed with the Washington Redskins, inking a three-year, $3.5 million deal with incentive that could give him as much as $12 million.

I still believe the 'Skins need a change-of-pace back with speed (unless Anthony Alridge emerges).

Restricted FA Will Montgomery also signed with the 'Skins today, after playing with the team last season.

Mike Shanahan gave a good rundown of some the issues he's dealing with at the moment on the Official Redskins Blog (he's a "big fan" of Carlos Rogers; guess Rogers will be back after all).

Draft Bits: The Redskins could be interested in Fordham QB John Skelton.

The Redskins have been following QB prospects closely. Colt McCoy said the Redskins have shown a lot of interest in him.

Meanwhile, Mel Kiper is calling Jimmy Clausen to the Redskins. He seems convinced the 'Skins go QB with their No. 4 pick.

This week, I'll be surveying the free agent market and who the Redskins should be looking at. Same with the draft.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I am so very happy to be the first one to write in this post. LJ sucks at everything; running, blocking, thinking, dancing, women, talking, driving, tweeting, etc.. worst part about him though is the cancer he brings to locker rooms. If the Skins think they have any chemistry brewing on the team, well here comes Scary Larry Whiney Bi-atch, death and destruction to Washington Redskins is all he will leave in his path. In KC, the fans started a petition demanding that the Chiefs either deactivate, release or waive him, the rest his history. Johnson actually belittled fans for making less money than him! Has been arrested 4 times on assault charges AGAINST WOMEN, once for pulling a hand gun on one! That’s arrests, not to mention times being charged and not arrested. He is currently still serving a 2 year probation. This guy is a real piece of work, his own father is ashamed…He Must know the right person in Redskin’s land because no one in their right mind would knowingly do this to their own franchise. Larry, you are a disgrace to the Human Race. Break a leg in Washington!

Jack said...

Wow I am certainly not a fan Johnson's past behavior, but when you air out his laundry list, I don' think I was quite aware as to how bad it was.

We all say the NFL is a business so you just bring in whoever helps you win, but this guy certainly seems like a rotten egg.

Personally I think LJ's signing is just a temporary stopgap until we bring in a young RB in a few years.

LarrysPO said...

This "stopgap" could be disasterous to the team... I pray he can keep his thoughts and fists to himself.

This writer nailed it! "To sum it up in a sentence, Larry Johnson really isn't going to help the Redskins, but he can certainly hurt them by being..well, Larry Johnson." by Kevin Lewis

link to article-

Jack said...

Thanks for the links man. I'll try and work them in sometime this week!