April 4, 2010


Well the Redskins had been quiet for too long. After all Mike Shanahan's hiring is long past. Time for the Redskins to make some noise.

An inter-division trade (especially in the NFC East) is rare. An inter-division trade involving a superstar QB is almost unheard of.

McNabb is old at 33, but he still brings a strong arm and a ton of experience to the Redskins. He is easily the most accomplished QB to come to DC in years, but the question is how much longer will he be a top QB.

McNabb has taken his lumps in the NFL. He has missed over 20 games due to injury in his career and several of the injuries have been serious ones.

His offense collapsed down the stretch last year as they fell apart against the Cowboys in back-to-back games. Granted, the Eagles offensive line was a mess and the playcalling was wildly inconsistent.

McNabb is coming into another bad situation in terms of protection.

The Redskins don't have a good option at either left or right tackle. They need depth along the entire offensive line as well.

Without upgrading the O-line, McNabb won't be productive.

However, expect Shanahan to use his four picks in this year's draft to bolster the protection.

On the bright side, McNabb will have an improved running game.

In Philly, McNabb had little support in the run game. Andy Reid is a one-dimensional playcaller and it cost him plenty of games with McNabb over the years.

Shanahan is different. He is a guy who understands balance in playcalling. He is a west coast guy, but he still believes in using the run game. That will undoubtedly assist McNabb.

Early take: The 'Skins have the advantage. Can't understand why Philly would deal a local legend within the division.

Here's a quick take from ESPN's NFC East blog.

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