April 21, 2010

Midweek Roundup: Trading Spaces

Lots of activity in my absence so let's get right to it.

I'll be giving you a preview of who I expect the 'Skins to pick with all four of their draft picks. Look for it tonight.

And I'll be doing a live chat for Sports Fan Live during the draft tomorrow along with some analysis on the Redskins fourth overall pick in the draft.

Meanwhile, Washington traded their fifth and seventh-round picks to the Rams for St Louis' fifth and seventh-round picks and former first round DT/DE Adam Carriker.

Plus, they inked former Jets NT Howard Green to a one-year deal.

This leads me to believe the Redskins might be looking to run a nose tackle by committee in their 3-4 defense. Albert Haynesworth is likely on his way out, meaning Washington will have to plug in several different players during the year at nose tackle to hold the point of attack in the trenches.

Vinny Cerrato sits down with Dan Steinberg from the DC Sports Bog to break down the draft (Cerrato predicts that the 'Skins take Okung).

There was talk of TO-D Mac reunion in the DC, but that is apparently just wild talk.

The 'Skins have brought back WRs Roydell Williams and Marques Hagans along with RB Ryan Torain. Hagans was a preseason standout in 2009, but failed to make the final roster. Torain was drafted by Shanahan in 2008, but is coming off a bad knee injury.

Great draft scenario here from Redskins Insider. I believe the 'Skins love Berry, Gerald McCoy and Suh, but Okung or Trent Williams makes more sense. I think the extra interest in Berry could be a ploy to trade down with Cleveland anyway. After a trade like that, Williams would still likely be avaliable.

Rich Tandler predicts the Redskins win total for 2010 (I'm gonna say 7-9).

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