April 22, 2010

NFL Draft Predictions For The Redskins

The NFL draft is finally here and I'll be updating you all tonight from the comfort of my couch.

First up, my picks for the Redskins' draft.

First-round: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

Washington has been very coy in letting people know their thoughts on what they plan to do with the fourth overall choice. They have brought in quite a few of the top prospects and have raved about several of them.

However, the 'Skins didn't say a whole lot in regards to Okung, a potential shutdown left tackle. The silence means worlds to me. It implies the 'Skins are creating buzz around other players, which might enable the 'Skins to trade down.

Trading down would almost certainly give the 'Skins more draft picks to fill holes that are scattered throughout the roster. A second round pick would be huge in this draft and trading down would lead to one.

Should the 'Skins stay put, expect to see them take Okung.

Other possibilities: Jimmy Clausen, Trent Williams, Eric Berry

I'll be breaking down the other picks sometime tomorrow, but for now we are just getting underway.

Much more to come.

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du doan bong da said...

NFL Draft then I have not watched, but the words you said, the Skins so sorry for them, but hope that things will be better, maybe the game will have to change and be better then Why, Jimmy Clausen, Trent Williams, Eric Berry will be a reliable team player.